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Thumbs up RIP John Hurt

Sadly he passed away yesterday. I felt his mumbling on purpose role in KOTCS was very subtle but also by design a memorable direction to go with the character. Once Ox was free of the skulls influence his true intelligence returned & he explained to the audience in a few simple lines who exactly the aliens were.
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Forbidden Eye
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Too bad. He was a great actor with a great career, of course, but I really enjoyed Oxley. His lines were among the comic moments in the movie that actually worked. And given how everyone was making fun of how old Harrison was even then, it was great that there was one member of the cast older than him and was just as energetic and lively as him.

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Skylover SC
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One of the best. And one of the nicest and approachable actor you could meet, always very generous with his time. RIP
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RIP. Here are the stats on his many screen deaths, more than Sean Bean.
John Hurt's 5 strangest deaths
1 Slapped by Uma Thurman's oversized thumb (Even Cowgirls Get the Blues - 1993)
2 Mauled by dogs and subsumed by a demon (Spectre - 1977)
3 Interplanetary collision (Melancholia - 2011)
4 Consumed by a magic pot (The Black Cauldron - 1985)
5 Two-headed self-bludgeoning (Masters of Science Fiction - 2007)
We toyed with the idea of Mr. Hurt voicing the record and read-along adventure of KotCS, like John Rhys-Davis in 1989. Maybe Jim Broadbent...

Edit: when all the geek sites visited the KotCS set.

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One of the greats. Sad he was so wasted in Indiana Jones 4, but his filmography as a whole is incredible.

Darabont has stated that he actually suggested Hurt for one of the characters in his script. Although Oxley was in Darabont's version, it was a minor role, and my suspicion is that Darabont was fingering Hurt for one of his script's villains. Maybe one day he'll let us know which.
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The monkey that pooped on Indy's chest?
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Originally Posted by ATMachine
The monkey that pooped on Indy's chest?
Would have been fitting to go from a chestburster victim to an actual chestburster.
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Feel sorry to hear that.
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