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My first Indy film was LC and I really enjoyed it which lead me to watch the other two at that time.

After watching Raiders then ToD shorlty afterwards, I felt that for me Raiders was a much more adult orientated movie than the other two.

To this day Raiders is still my favourite by far, I still watch ToD & LC now and then any do enjoy them but as for CS, one time ony I'm afraid.

I thought it was utter drivel and a waste of HF's time especially because at that point I felt it was his last shot at Indy before becoming way too old.

With Indy 5 now on the cards for 2019/2020, I just don't know who Disney will pull this one off without it being an utter disaster.
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Off the head I would say LC has the best humor, raiders would be on second place, and the least humorous is temple of doom which was meant to be the darker movie of the trilogy. I think Henry senior had great comedy parts while trying to be helpful (failing to burn down the ropes with lighter and shooting down the plane tail and then pretending he didn't do it - I cracked myself on those) and also patronizing Indy all the time while calling him Junior. The only scene I cracked myself in ToD is when Indy is chasing the thuggees with sword and a whip and then stopping suddenly and then the thuggees times 10 chase him. Maybe Willie was the comedy element here also, but she was more of annoying which was planed in the film.
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