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Seriously? WOW! That is WAY awesome! If I had the money, I'd love to track down the LaserDiscs (and get a LaserDisc player) just to watch the series in high quality (or as high quality as LDs get) and the original unedited form. Thanks for the information.
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Originally Posted by Moedred
One other obsolete format comes to mind: Raiders (and Temple of Doom?) on VHD in Japan.

Yes to Temple of Doom. No Last Crusade though.
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Originally Posted by Moedred
Agent5 has Raiders on 8mm, but no other celluloid format. There were about 1000 35mm prints of Raiders in North America, the surviving prints cobbled together from shipping reels in acceptable condition. Nearly all are controlled by the studio but every now and then one escapes (yes, this is an active auction... bags are packed for the Banana Islands).
Will have to confirm but I believe that dear ol' Rocket Surgeon acquired a 35mm print of "Raiders".
Originally Posted by Indyfan82
Somewhere in here I saw someone mention something about The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. Does anyone know if those got releases beyond the 1999 VHS set and the later DVD release?
Originally Posted by throwmetheidol
Laserdisc boxset released in Japan only... unedited
There were 6 European VHS cassettes in 1993 (U.K., Finland, Netherlands + maybe more).

Japan also had 8 VHS cassettes in 1994 (which were presumably the same as the 1993 Laserdiscs).
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This great Last Crusade retrospective lists about 100 North American 70mm engagements in 1989. (The frames pictured are from a foreign print.) Not sure if any of the other films were released this way.

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raiders versions

i have various movies, in various formats:

raiders - laserdisc (gave it away)

i do have a CED player, so i might try to hunt down that version.

8mm super 8 version 400 foot digest - will get it scanned

16mm film - last 10 minutes, partly in color, and partly red faded
will post a clip of it

35mm film - don't own it, but a friend did, and had it scanned in
1080hd, and now also a 4k scan

35mm trailer - indiana jones and the crystal skull - have that scanned
in 4k

eventually, there are people working on restoring the whole quadrilogy
in 4k.


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