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Adult Indy Novels and where to buy them from if you're not American


I'm new around here (as my post count shows), and I have a few questions with regard to the adult Indy novels.

1. How many are there? I know of books written by Max McCoy, Rob MacGregor and Wolfgang Hohlbein. As far as I know, these aren't translated, but I speak/read German, so I'd be interested in them as well. Still, are there others?

2. Where can I buy the adult Indy books from? I live in Eastern Europe, and I've found books for $5 or $10 (on e-bay and amazon) but for which I would have had to pay $12 in shipping. Each. So, are there any other options which would allow me to buy the books together, and pay for shipping once? I understand that the shipping would go up, but I find it would be more reasonable to pay $50 once, for a box of books, than 25 times $12.

3. With regard to Wolfgang Hohlbein books, can they be bought in German book stores? My father is leaving for Germany in July, but the last two times he was there he couldn't find any in the book stores. Can they be bought online, perhaps, and shipped to an address in Germany?

Sorry if these questions seem silly. I've looked around the internet to find answers, but no luck, and the "Literature" section on is still under construction, so I thought maybe someone here can help.

Thanks a bunch!
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