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And now, a word from our sponsors

Nothing says "20 years is a long time" like TV commercials.

Thankfully, someone has just posted the advertising breaks from "Curse of the Jackal" to help celebrate those 20 years:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: - includes the preview of London, 1916. (w/ yummy Vicky...)

Thanks to Google Alerts for finding these for me.

How many deliciously outdated tropes can you find?
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Originally Posted by InexorableTash
Nothing says "20 years is a long time" like TV commercials.
I wholeheartedly believe that TV commercials from yesteryear are time-capsules and very valuable when looking at the history of advertising, as well as being windows into the popular culture and social issues of the times. Several years before YouTube existed, I started acquiring TV commercials from my youth in the '70s (pre-home-VCR days) and eventually built up a 5 hour collection on VHS. My personal compilations, organized by theme, became a big hit with friends & work colleagues. Now we have YouTube.

The early '90s was a period where I barely watched any TV at all (except Young Indy, David Letterman and Late Nite movies) so these commercials from 1992 hold zero nostalgia for me. Oddly enough, the only one of those clips that I can remember, specifically, is the one for Huggies Diapers because of the song: "Mommy, WOW! I'm a big kid now."

That said, the FULL "Curse of the Jackal" bumpers with the clouds are nice to see due to their rarity! (The ones I recorded are chopped & incomplete.) Thanks for the links, Tash.
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Thanks you so much for this thread.
I also have very good collection of episode promos (thanks also greatly to the help of one Raven user that sent me his collection over snail mail few years ago).

I was planing to make them in a special DVD (similar like I done with Old Indy parts - there is a old thread in the forum archives). Well, will see...Anyway, thanks so much for this, as Stoo says, time capsule...
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