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Lance Quazar
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Originally Posted by Stoo
A little late but I finally managed to get my hands on #4 and must say, it was a tad disappointing. After reading all the issues back-to-back, I agree with others that the change of artists was a bit jarring. The colours are still fanastic and the rendering/inking of the characters is decent but the panels lack the cinematic scope of #1-3 (apart from a few) and resemble more standard comic-fare. Steve Scott set the bar pretty high in the previous issues so it's unfortunate that he didn't work on this one. What happened?

As for the story, the dialogue remains characteristic & snappy but the ending is, indeed, rather abrupt without much explanation. Perhaps a 6 issue run could have served the story a bit better? Despite the shortcomings in #4, "Tomb of Gods" is one of the superior Indy comic tales and I'm glad that it was published. Looking forward to the next one...but, please DH , don't have it take place in 1936. There's no room left in the timeline!

Glad you finally got a chance to finish, Stoo!

My opinion about this comic has only gotten worse as time has gone by, particularly in light of my reading of "Indiana Jones Adventures Vol. 1."

Considering that "IJ Adv Vo. 1" was the supposedly "kiddie" targeted comic, it is downright embarrassing how superior it is to TotG on every level - artwork, writing, storytelling, characterization, etc.

The story has actual twists, the female sidekick has an actual, gasp, personality! The dialogue is witty and actually sounds like things Indy (and Marcus and Belloq) would say! It's fast-paced, clever, exciting and intriguing, qualities that barely register at all in the tepid, by the numbers and ultimately extremely anticlimactic TotG.

But, hey, it's nice to know that I'm haven't become a complete crank in my old age and can actually still enjoy quality when I find it.

Considering the passion many folks inexplicably show for KotCS and TotG, I was worried I was out of touch.

But, no, I was right all along.

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Just bought the TPB yesterday coz I missed out on the fouth issue. I was happy to see that the cover was the 4th issue's cover rather than Issue 1's cover (it's not a bad cover, I'm just sick of seeing it).

I read it altogether, and yes, I did enjoy it though I felt the climax was kind of short and not too well explained. It also mirrors a certain theme from KOTCS. I don't know if that was on purpose.

Personally I love Issue 3. It's so damn funny with the whole shirt argument and Marcus' ridiculous dress sense!
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Originally Posted by QBComics
I am curious is TOG a four part or a 6 part story?
Originally Posted by Lao_Che
Four. Originally five.
Five, really? Where did you hear this, Lao? The ending might have fared a bit better had the story not been constrained to four issues. I still liked it, though!
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