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Titanium Series question

I see on Amazon I can get the entire Titanium series collection loose for around $25, however I noticed in the pictures shown in the auctions that alot of them look very warped and a few of the figures I've ordered from these sellers in China did indeed have some slightly warped accessories. In the event that I order these and they do arrived looking warped, is there any way I can de-warp them or straighten the plastic out without ruining them?
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Usually you can bend plastic by putting it in hot water for a while, then bend the plastic in shape and hold it until it's cooled down. To be sure it's cool enough, you can also hold it under a cold tap. I think this should work for most types of plastic.
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Billy Ray
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Yeah, the hot water treament works like a charm. I have reshaped countless figures, parts, and accessories this way. It's also useful in loosening up tight joints on figures as well.

I either heat a pot of water to boiling on the stove or, if it's just something small like a weapon or something, heat a measuring cup full of water in the microwave. Dip the part in the water for several seconds, remove, reshape, and allow to cool.

You can accelerate the cooling process by popping the item in the freezer for a couple of seconds.

I've never had any problem using this technique. It doesn't melt anything or ruin paint
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