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My name is William and I work for the US Defense Intelligence Agency and am stationed in Stuttgart, Germany. Retired after 26-years in the US Army prior to the civil service job. Originally from Salem, WV.

Have lived in many places to include Europe, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Korea and some other places.

I collect upper level functional swords as my primary hobby. My second interests are hats and leather coats. Several of my hats are movie copies or loose variations of different Indiana Jones styles. Don't want to run around looking like a movie character in ordinary circustances but really like that basic style of hat.

Older now at 52 and have found people really don't seem to care much what you wear and got back into good hats a couple years ago. Had a Stetson Indy hat years ago and got quite the teasing from friends. Now it seems more folks wear fedora hats which is cool.
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Greetings to you, Glenville. And may I be the first (as it appears, much to my surprise), to officially welcome you to the Raven. "I only stopped for a few burritos, (they told me of the trouble with Los Banditos)", so I only got the opp to briefly glance at a couple of your posts but I'm glad to see, based on your healthy number of posts, you wasted no time making yourself at home

It's been some months since I visited, and I seldom find the time to visit as often as I would like, but usually blokes in these parts are quicker to extend salutations.

Btw, I thank you for your service to our country, past and present.

I can understand your comment about not wanting to run around looking like a movie character, in that I suppose with more people dressing up for con-play these days(or whatever it's called, I've briefly forgotten), appears to have made looking similar to a movie character, a trapping celebrated by die-hard geeks (while ironically and simultaneously increasing the acceptance and number of participants in con-play).
And yet, like you, I also like that basic style of hat. Admittedly, it originally stemmed from my love of Raiders ever since I was a boy. And here we are posting on a forum for Indy fans, so if the hat fits.

It's good to hear that you've found people don't care too much what you wear and that you don't get harassed about it, but even if thy did, I wouldn't let that stop me. Mind you I have enough fashion sense (and sanity) to not dress like Liberace or run around dressed as Batman for daily activities, but I grew up having a love of, not only Indy's style, but fashion from that period in general. Love that 30's 40's art-deco world, and style!

Ever since I was in middle school, I would occasionally wear my Jones style Fedora and/or Jacket, not caring what anyone thought, because it looked sophisticated, rugged and awesome! Funny, nobody ever teased me (to my knowledge) about it, whether it was friends or strangers.
Quite the opposite, I got more compliments and admirational looks from people. The 'ol, Women wanting to be With me and Men wanting to Be me (or at least wanting my hat) adage. But seriously, Girls more often than not like the look.

In fact, that anyone would ever mock the "Indy" look never occured to me until I, much later, heard about and glimpsed a Seinfeld episode where I believe George was teased for sporting that look.

So I suppose that episode, and the increase of "fans" of pop culture wearing costumes may have made the style humorous to some people, but I would argue that it's a legitimate style and not a costume, (though looking like Indiana Jones is awesome!).
And like you aptly observed, the fedora has increased in popularity in recent years. I imagine this being due to artists like Bruno Mars and the like, bringing it back in one form or another. But even if they hadn't we wouldn't stop rocking it, because that era and look is truly classic!

Dig your style, man! And again, Welcome.
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