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A Chronological Journey through Indy's Life

Hey everyone,
I thought I'd point out an interesting project that's just begun. Over here, a guy is going to review, in in-universe chronological order, everything Indy. Everything. All of the films, tv episodes, novels, comics, choose your own adventure stories, children's adaptations, games, etc. (the only possible exception is the material that hasn't been translated yet from French or German). Since 2005, he's been doing the same thing with other franchises like Star Wars and X-Files. I've been following his reviews of the SW material (found here) and they're outstanding, being both insightful and hilarious. I expect great things from his Indy journey and so wanted to let y'all know about this. He's just started with his first post, so you can follow from the beginning. You can comment on each post, too, so let him know what you think.
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Whoa. That's pretty epic. I'll definitely take a look.
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Attila the Professor
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That review of the second half of My First Adventure is great stuff. I look forward to this.
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The Drifter
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Great find!
I'm reading it now, and already bookmarked the page.
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