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Originally Posted by dakota
Exactly, my thoughts as well and could open up a whole new storyline between this period and Raiders.

Anthony Ingruber would be a good choice, has the looks and mannerisms, could do with a little more acting coaching but would work I think.

For some reason this entire suggestion made me think of the "young Nathan Drake" angle being done for the new Uncharted movie.
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For me, Ingruber needs to be handed a scene from, say, the McCoy novels to act out to see if he can be Indy otherwise he's just mimicking Ford.
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Originally Posted by Face_Palm
What about Indy 6?
At this rate, Indy 6 would have to be set in the 1980s. Maybe Survivor could record the soundtrack, and there could be a montage sequence. Indy could have a mullet and wear Ray Ban sunglasses.
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Ha funny. However if Indy was into shades he would have worn the most popular Ray Ban model - the aviator when they first hit the market in the 30's.
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