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Montana Smith
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Originally Posted by Pale Horse
Nope, nothing in scripture backs these popular tropes.

That's a shame. Another book to cross off my Christmas list.

Originally Posted by WillKill4Food
Seems a bit odd to me that God would create an alien species just so they could screw with us, but there are weirder passages in the Bible.

Originally Posted by Pale Horse
I agree, and if what you're speaking of is true (little grey men) then that puts the whole salvation gospel to question. "Why do we need to be redeemed, if THEY do not?"

Maybe not screw with us, but just probe a bit. If you put KOTCS into that context, those inter-dimensionals were putting humans to the test, and dishing out instant punishment for failure. Tasked with such duties by a higher power in their absence?
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Originally Posted by Pale Horse
Has anyone ever considered this aspect of the Bible and Aliens? See Genesis 6 and consider the idea of theology and astrology crossing streams....
Now, in 2017 this thoughts would really make sense for Indy 5.
We saw "aliens" in Indy 4, many fans would like a biblical connection for the next Indy.
Mix them both, an you will get a "Nephilim" connected story:
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