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Minnesota Jones
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The reason for the party was that we had a new 35mm print of Raiders of the Lost Ark showing here in the Twin Cities at Midnight at a local theatre. So a party was in order. I'm also a Star Wars fan and a member of the Minnesota Force (the local SW Gang). Had them and a few gearhead buddies attend our party and then off to the movie. At the party, we had some whipcracking in the back yard, had jello eyeballs, hearts, and brains. Watched Indy "inspired" movies upstairs, and I turned our laundry room into the Temple of Doom - complete with a dungeon under the stairs, red lights, candles, black plastic on the walls, fog machine, TV/VCR playing ToD nonstop, bugs and snakes on the floor, and even Kali Ma herself (ok, I turned the sewer pipe into Kali....). It was a blast. We even had a title for the party....

Minnesota Jones and the Party of the Temple of Doom

Here's a link to some pictures of the party on the web.
Midwest Summits: a website of pictures of our local "Midwest" Indy get-togethers (or summits as we call 'em)

And the page directly related to the party:

Enjoy the pictures!
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I see threads like this come up a lot on various collector boards and my advice is always the same. Why not just date fellow collectors?

There are plenty of women out there that collect all kinds of stuff from Barbie to Star Wars. They might not have the exact same interests in collecting as you do. But as a fellow collector they will understand and not think your weird for obsessing over toys and memorabilia.

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Old 05-03-2003, 06:49 AM   #28
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Those are GREAT pics! LOL. I love that Temple of Doom alter. Very creative. You people are who I need to be hanging out with.

I always thought it would be fun to have a group of people on Halloween and have a pic Indy party. I think it would be interesting to create OTHER costumes from the movies. Mola Ram just screams "Halloween costume." I always dress as Indy for Halloween and I thought it would be fun to have another person dress up as the giant boulder then have him or her chase me.
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Old 05-05-2003, 09:54 AM   #29
Minnesota Jones
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Hey, if you're ever in the Twin Cities area.... let me know...
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Old 05-26-2003, 12:59 PM   #30
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i really need to find some people like those. i see them on the net, and dont have the foggiest where they are in san diego. im 16, and the only obsessee of star wars ot, indy, and blues brothers that i know. so...should i be princess leia, indy, marion or elwood this year...hmm...or i could be jake if i stuffed my little body with about 20 pillows...nah. i do have the leia costume already though...hmm... ill get back to you all on that one.
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Old 06-12-2003, 12:42 PM   #31
Minnesota Jones
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If you're in the San Diego area, I know a few gearheads you may want to hitch up with.... they're over on IndyFan's forum and IndyGear's Club Obi Wan...

Sergei - whip expert to all ends
Rick Blaine - Indy fan with a ton of knowledge on the clothing of the trilogy, also into A-2 jackets!
Plus don't forget, Flightsuits is in your neck of the woods in El Cajon, maker of the incredible Indiana Jones Expedition jacket....
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Old 07-04-2003, 12:23 AM   #32
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Can I wax self-explorative for a minute? Granted, my wife still rolls her eyes when I pop in "The Last Crusade," but it's the spirit of the thing that keeps her butt on the couch. We are, after all, a celluloid society. Everybody finds something to hold on to from vicarious adventure, and anyone who doesn't admit it is a liar. Would I wear a fedora, bullwhip, and bomber to McDonald's? No, (at least not all three at the same time.) But I'm Indy all the way on the inside, and if that's a turn-off to anyone, they really need to get over themselves.
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Old 07-19-2003, 05:18 PM   #33
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No WAY! I wish I could do that... y'know dress like him... Act like him...
WOW that would be amazing. Of course if I did that now here's what
would happen: I would have to spend, I don't know $150 dollars? Anyways
after doing that I would walk to school with my mom (kidding. Not that there
is anything wrong with that) After I get there people would say " That kid's gay"
And "Your so poor, You have to wear OLD clothes" and " He's a poser" and all that stuff
Actually I wouldn't care abou those things really... But I WOULD be beaten up... Hell, There
are people who haven't heard of Indy in my school... and not foriegn exchange students, They
know of Indy... Hey I don't care... I'll DO IT! UM... Yeah... I don't care I'm an Indy fanatic but
I don't have a collection and I don't talk about him ALL the time*. And I don't think there is
anything wrong with that... Y'know how many people wear like those Ecko clothes and Phat Farm
things... It actually doesn't matter... AWIGHT!! DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHERE TO GET YOU-KNOW-
WHO'S-CLOTHES? (Not the Internet and a store in CANADA) I'll check some Thrift stores to see If I can find
a jacket and I'll got to hat place ( Like you know sears?) and then back there for pants or thrift store and
boots from sears... Uh .... THE BEST. (I'll wear it everyday!)

* Note ALL the time
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