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Rocket Surgeon
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Originally Posted by Montana Smith
Sounds like MacGregor was testing Lucas' limits, just to see how far he could go.
That or playing the odds by stacking the deck with something more outrageous than what he really didn't want to fight to keep.

Originally Posted by Montana Smith
The line '"I'm coming", he said. "I'm coming."' is a giveaway that he couldn't have been serious!
It's just not possible.

Originally Posted by Montana Smith
Reminds me of those old school French text books with Jean Paul shouting "J'arrive, Marie Claire!"
Thanks for the recommendation!
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Exulted Unicron
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I checked my copy. Sadly, mine is edited
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Henry W Jones
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I have two sets of this series. Readers and displayers. Both have the "very vulgar" language on page 168.
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Basically these are the Director's Cut novels, before the editor brings in the red pen. Aside from the 'shocking' profanity, there are also a number of other brief scenes and some dialogue axed for whatever inexplicable reason the publisher decreed. Anyway, here's a pic of all three galleys along with their finished counterparts:

Hi-res image:
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I have all the first editions of the Indy novels, so I decided to check mine today after seeing this thread.
I opened up mine (for the first time I am sad to say) and saw that I had the unedited version also.
I wonder how many were printed before they changed the text?
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Probably a few hundred copies, but you'd think the editors would have caught this before the book went to press. The heavy censorship of Katrina's erotic vision proves that LFL objected to the borderline graphic sex scene, yet they allow a few F-bombs to casually slip out the door? Either this is a sign of blatantly inconsistent editing, or they didn't have the moral rules of the Indyverse established yet. According to Rob MacGregor himself, Lucas wanted the novels to reflect the same PG ratings as the movies, since adolescent Indy fans were the books' likely audience. The decree must have been pretty effective considering every subsequent author neglected to give poor Indy a libido: He shares a handful of platonic kisses with Gale Parker in the Martin Caidin books, then suffers through the 4-book McCoy saga where he's almost too frightened to even touch Alecia Dunstin, the woman of his affections, for fear of killing her due to the prophecy of the crystal skull. This is just wrong, suppressing the man's natural instincts to placate King Lucas and his vice squad. I personally rebelled against this when I wrote Fate of Atlantis, restoring the very human Indy who was so memorable in the first novels.
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Whipwarrior has it right

Especially considering Indiana Jones was conceived as a playboy treasure hunter who just happens to be an archeology professor (Lucas and Spielberg's "James Bond"-type character).

I always thought the books were kind of dumbed down, although many of them are great! And I loved Max McCoy's books, even though there was very little romance/sexual innuendo, etc in them.

I must re-read it, but the closest official novel I know of that was written in the vein of Lucas and Spielberg's original concept was the Raiders novelization by Campbell Black. There was a lot more behind the "Love You" eye makeup from the giddy student in Indy's class! And the Indy/Marion relationship was described in a little more detail. It probably wouldn't go over very well today, sonsidering she was 16 (and I think Indy was 20) when Indy and Abner had the falling out over her.

With lack of Indy material to read at the moment, maybe I'll revisit that novel and see if it still holds up. Its been 25-30 years or so since I've read it.
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I revisited the Campbell Black novelization recently for the first time in many years, and it's a suitable (albeit brisk) interpretation. The 'expanded' scenes feel rushed, as if the author was trying to cram as much into the story and still make it as short as possible. As a reader, I enjoy novelizations that expand a movie, deepening the storyline so that we can appreciate it on another level. Basically, it's my least favorite Indy novelization. I like Temple and LC more than Raiders.
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