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Original Indiana Jones Whip/Thugge costume in auction

From that 'profiles in history' auction thing

Indy's whip is the one used in the original trilogy, and is so far out of my price range it isn't even funny.

(pages 443-444)
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This is a pretty incredible auction. 629 page catalog. Indy didn't even make the "just a glimpse" highlights at the front.

Also includes:
* Peter Fonda's chopper from Easy Rider
* Orson Wells podium jacket from Citizen Kane
* original Lone Ranger's mask
* sick triceratops from Jurassic Park
* Scarlett's mourning dress from Gone with the Wind
* the hero prop cryptex from DaVinci Code
* Jumanji game
* Ripley jacket from Alien
* 1st unit clapper from The Shining

Oh, and estimated price for the whip is a bargain at $50,000 - $70,000.
Wonder what it'll go for.
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