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Close the thread Connery is retired & very frail anyway last time he was on TV in the UK on a news item about Scotland he really sounded quite unwell & does not even have the Jones Snr voice anymore he looked shockingly unwell. So I can understand why he is no longer acting as he has aged a lot in the past 5 years alone he now looks a lot older than he is so I hope he has a very happy retirement.

The chance for Connery to have 1 last Indy adventure ended when KOTCS took 19 years to make I'm affraid.
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Dr. Gonzo
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Originally Posted by Nurhachi1991
Wait... theres an Indy 5?
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Anybody who shtill thinksh Seans age ish an issue...

(May 17th, 2012)

Well, one can dream, right?
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Professor Henry Jones: Junior?
Indiana Jones: Dad? You still alive?
Professor Henry Jones: It *is* you, Junior.
Indiana Jones: Don't call me that. *Please*. I'm 72.
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Instead of getting Sean back, they should have had Daniel Craig play Indy's son in KOTCS. Then Indy's father and son would both be James Bonds.
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In the last movie, we learned Henry Sr. is no longer with us. Maybe he was lost at the end of an as yet untold tale in an event no one could survive and they never found the body.

Just as in Highlander II and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen though, we must respect the First Law of Resurrection. If you want to get supernatural, Henry could have been only mostly dead, then come back from the dead. Or maybe he was just hiding, and reports of his death were highly exaggerated.

Behind the Urals, in Siberia, staying quiet to protect his new family perhaps?
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Or, if we go back in time and have a new face play Indy in his 30s, he could just still be alive.

Yeah, doesn't sound too sensible, but with a bit of Hollywood magic, he could pull off a short mentor like role. Think Marcus in Raiders.

And before people point out the (supposed) irony with thinking Sir Sean @ 85 is okay but Harry who is 12 years younger isn't - the distinction is that he is not supposed to be the centerpiece of the film in his advanced age.
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Pale Horse
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What if it wasn't Henry Sr. who dies, but a competing archeologist who was trying to evade the implications of being a villian?

That way when Henry does once again return you have the conflict between the father and son, as a counterbalance to the sentiment in KotCS.
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Since everything is Disney now can we just have a flashback to the end of the last cruse and have Sean Connery singing the song 'Let it go' from the movie Frozen as a voice over?
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Henry Jones VII
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Not even Indiana Jones would make Sean Connery comeback to the movies.
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