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Originally Posted by JuniorJones

So, Young Indy comic adaptations didn't show Old Indy with his eyepatch. I wish I had the chance to check out these comics. Damn!
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Any educated guesses as to the placement in the timeline of the nameless comic story from the Lost Treasures magazine?

I'm referring to the one featuring the Saxon helmet and zero text - the last comic strip found here:

It features Short Round and he's got on his NY cap so I'm thinking somewhere very close to Temple of Doom (1935).
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Arrow Tiny Discrepancy

In the bridging segment of "Spring Break Adventure", Indy reads an edition of "The New York Times". Using my DVD player's zoom function, the date on the front page can be identified as: Saturday, February 26, 1916.

Googling a 1916 calendar confirms that the 26th was, indeed, on a Saturday but the real date doesn't correlate with the dialogue. At school, Indy tells Nancy that he leaves "tomorrow". While reading the newspaper at home, his dad says, "We're leaving at 6AM…I'll see you in the morning." so it's supposed to be taking place a few hours later that same day.

So either:
A) Indy was reading last week's paper.
B) There was school on a Saturday!

Ridiculously trivial, I know, but thought it was fun to point out for fellow timeline freaks!
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I have just read Young Indiana Jones and the tomb of terror, in its french translation, and I have noted that the scene takes place in March 1913 (on the first page of the book), whereas the different timelines we can found there and elsewhere give "June 1913" or "Summer 1913".
So, is this a mistake in the french edition ? Or are the timelines wrong ?
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I just read the choose-your-own-adventure novel Revolution in Russia and was pleased to see that it actually contains quite a bit of original material set prior to the episode it adapts. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to easily fit with the extra bridging material that was filmed and placed before the episode. Anyone have a creative, plausible way of harmonizing both accounts of how Indy learned he was being sent to Russia?
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