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One of the mods responded to a thread of mine, "I gotta say", saying how much fun it is to put on his Indy outfit and go into the woods with a map. That's good Indy livin'. Well, that gave me a great idea and I think you'll all like it. I don't know how many of you have heard of a game involving the internet where you go on a real scavenger hunt for treasure using a GPS (Global Positioning System) device and a map. You go to a special internet site and get the coordinates for the "treasure" and then go out on a hunt to some remote area and find the treasure, which you can keep. You then put a different treasure in its place.

Here's the idea: wouldn't it be GREAT to do this INDY STYLE? Imagine the possibilites: people could show up along the way as villians, doing some kind of "mock" fight with you (maybe involving those neat laser tag type games), others could give you misleading information. Then maybe you have to use different modes of transportation to get to where the "treasure" is-- horseback, jeep, whatever.

Of course, you can just keep it simple and just don your Indy duds (either alone or in a team) and just plain go out and find the treasure. You can make it as easy or as complicated as you like. You can try to get there before others and make it competitive, or just plain find the treasure and replace it with your own. Heck, the treasures could even be Indy collectables (that would be for the competitive games). There is a name for this type of game involving a GPS device, but I forgot what it's called. One of you may know.

So whaddaya think, Indy fans? Is this doable?
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I think it's called Geocatching. I read a little about it on the internet when i typed in, thinking that it would be about the shortest tv show ever ran (about 3 episodes...but 3 darn good shows at least), Veritas: The Quest. What came up was a site for one of the many GPS treasure hunting games throughout the world. The website has been changed since then, so don't bother clicking the above link, unless you're interested in somekind of software. They called it Geocatching, but I'm not sure if this is the widely known name for it. It sounded like a lot of fun, especially for Indy fans like myself. Never did it though...


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its geocaching. me and my dad do it all the time. it was super fun until sombody stole or cache.
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Moved to Indy Games.
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