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Indiana Jones Novelletes

Hello to all,
In answer to Joe Brody's recent question.

Monkey is considering the production of a series of illustrated Indiana Jones novellettes.

These would be quick, down and dirty Indiana Jones stories, with simple, but interesting plots...............10 chapters..........hard hitting, compressed action.......cliff hangers.

But the key is .............ILLUSTRATED.

I have NO artistic ability at all.

What I envision are 10 chapter Indiana Jones Adventures....almost comic book type plots.........about 60 pages of text..........with illustration for every 3 pages of text.

Most of the illustrations I've seen on TRN are great! But they have been mostly kind of static 'portrait' type sketches.

Please don't misunderstand.............they're great!!! but I would like to inquire if there are any 'comic book' type artists who might be interested in helping me to produce these Illustrated Novellettes.

It might be fun!!
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Hey there Monkey!

Although I have some artistic ability, I have no experience drawing comic-book style, but saying that, I would love to give it a go.

Perhaps we can collaborate on this at some stage.
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I used to do some Indy drawings and have been pretty interested into cooperating with a real writer such as yourself to produce some art. But I have recently taken up an Indy project of my own. I won't say more for the moment but it's probably going to take me some time (btw it'll be in the Indy games table).
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