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1. None of them. The guy who named the firm as "CIA" was Harry Truman actually, but as the firm was formed shortly before the war as OSS, and its founder was Truman's successor, Franklin Roosevelt. McCarthy was 50's thing with the FBI. Nixon and Kennedy were way too young and Ike was a military guy.

2. I've heard of a place called "Roosevelt Arch" in there, but I think it was founded before Teddy became real deal. False, I think.

3. Euros. 'Nuff said.

4. I've heard of this. It had something to do with Lucas' disagreement with WGA which tried to prevent the film's screening. True.

5. Damn. I'm not a baseball guy. (Can't you ask anything hockey related?) Have to take a guess. Lou Gehrig? (His name was mentioned in FoA.)

6. False. Oswald was shot dead by club owner Jack Ruby on his way to his trial. It is unbeknowst, but it is suggested that CIA or Mafia had something to do with it.

7. NAFTA... that was 1994. Clinton.
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