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Marty Jones
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Originally Posted by kevblee
Funny, I just found my first of the LC wave at Target......all they had was one VOGEL. I have been finding tons of this wave at Walmart....but this was the first I have seen any at Target, and a tough one to boot!

That is funny. My Target has yet to re-stock since May (I'm dead serious). They've only stocked the shelves twice - once initially and a second time a few weeks later. Couple that with their insane prices and it's no wonder I don't stop there much anymore. Don't get me wrong - I'd gladly pay 2-3 times as much per figure if I could buy them in person and the paint apps were perfect, but all they've got are wave 1 pegwarmers.
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Montana Smith
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Something just occurred to me.

On Wednesday 17th December 2008 I went into a Woolworths store and headed for the toy aisle. At the time I had little interest in the Indy figures, since Indiana Jones himself was off my scope of interest.

For some reason I was drawn to The Last Crusade Tank Showdown set.

Seeing as this was a Target exclusive in the US, I presume this was a Woolworths exclusive in the UK (like the soft covered truck).

I bought it, but within ten minutes I was wondering why. So I returned it and got my money back.

When I got home I heard it on the news. Woolworths had announced it was closing down. It was a shock, but at the same time I thought I'd had a lucky esape. I'd returned the set just in time!

It wasn't until sometime later, when the Hasbro line was being discounted, that I actually gained an avid interest in scooping up every figure and accessory. Only then did I wonder whether I should have kept that Last Crusade set. Though, really, it was only a bit of cardboard supporting some repeated figures.
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