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Defending the "Bad" Indiana Jones Films

I quite enjoyed this video editorial defending Temple of Doom and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. As someone who loves both films and feels the series wouldn't be the same without them - I appreciated the points made, here.

Just thought I'd share.
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ToD is only "bad" when Kate Capshaw is screaming. Outside of that its a solid movie.
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Not going to click on that link, Dr.Jonesy, because there's only *one* bad Indy film (so far) and nothing can defend its dreadful, horrible & DESPICABLE parts.

(Hint: It wasn't released 34 years ago.)
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I really like both ToD and KOTCS. I can understand why some hate them (and they do have some valid complaints) but I love 'em.
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I like both films and ToD is actually my second favorite (sometimes my first).
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