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Young Indiana Jones - German Audio Tapes?

Does anyone know anything about these?

From what I can see, there are at least 10 of them!
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Intriguing! The German Wikipedia page for Young Indy has this to say (via Google Translate):

Originally Posted by
Between 1992 and 1993 published carousel ten episodes as a radio play [on cassette]. Here are the German audio tracks of the series and uses a narrator adds.
  1. The curse of the mummy part 1
  2. The Curse of the Mummy, Part 2
  3. Struggle of women
  4. Shots in the Garden
  5. Fields of death
  6. Blood River
  7. The jungle doctor
  8. On behalf of His Majesty
  9. The Battle of the Somme
  10. The eunuch of Barcelona
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Junior Jones
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I like those titles.
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Never heard of these before, DigitalFreak! Nice find. I'm wondering if they used the same voice actors as the German TV versions or if they were entirely different. Very interesting!

A couple of titles are puzzling. I wonder which episodes these are supposed to be?
"Shots in the Garden" (???)
"On Behalf of His Majesty" (Perhaps, "Austria, March 1917"???)

(The German TV episodes also had alternate titles. Will post them here after I check out my copies.)
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Maybe I can help.

The audio versions uses the german dubbed voices of the episodes with an additional storyteller. Pretty good production.

The episodes covered are as followed:

The curse of the mummy part 1 and 2 - Curse of the Jackal
Struggle of women - London, May 1916
Shots in the Garden of Eden - British East Africa, September 1909
Fields of death - Verdun, September 1916
At the River of Death - German East Africa, December 1916
The jungle doctor - Congo, January 1917
On her Majesties Service - Austria, March 1917
The Battle of the Somme - Somme, Early August 1916
The eunuch of Barcelona - Barcelona, May 1917

I hope this helps.
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I have the original cassette "Schüsse im Garten Eden". I remember getting this thing as a little kid, just before any episode of the tv series. I saw the cover with the young Indy, but after listening to it I was so unsatisfied that the story was about the VERY young Indy-boy
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Here's a scan of all 10 cassettes -


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