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Trivia Questions of the Day Movie Syle

Ok here's the game. Every week I'll give you five quotes from five movies and you'll have to give the correct character who says them and from what movie it comes from, simple no? Well Lets get it on! *Hint two of them are by the same actor???

1. "It's time to end this war"

2. "One stage of your journey is over, another begins"

3. "It's mission and origin is still unknown"

4. "You should of saw us three days ago colonel, we were quite a sight to see"

5. "The dead only know one thing, it is better to be alive"

Alrighty then, well good luck and we'll see you next time! Yes I realized I mis-spelled style Damn typos
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1. X-Men: The Last Stand Eric Lensherr/Magneto
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Little Indy
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1 X Men /Magneto
2 Lord of the Rings/ Gandalf
4 Green Berets?
5 Full Metal Jacket/ Joker

That's all I got
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