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Hello guys, as a new collector in the indiana jones community i say hello. I collected kenner star wars toys and my passion for the other trilogy that ruled my moviememories for years is Indy. I would like to start to collect the kenner line of figures, does anybody has an idea of online shops besides auction sites that sells them?
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Always great to hear from another Indy fan!

I looked on the net and found some sites which might be able to help!

Welcome once again!
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Canada Jones
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Kenner Toys

I also loved those old Kenner toys. Thanks to Canyon for the heads up of 2 kenner suppliers. I love auctions but it is frustrating sometimes trying to get certain items.
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Welcome to the Raven, Where Paths Cross

ebay is probubly th best place for finding them.....I've seen some rare...and expensive...stuff
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I once had a model of the map room from Raiders. It came with an indy figure, replete w/ turban, and a big Staff of Ra. When you looked through the red lens, stickers on the model revealed the Well of Souls. As to where you could find one, I wouldn't have a clue. I'll keep my eyes open, though.
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