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The Adventurer
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Personal quests!

I post this here, I don't know if this is the right place...but to complete some personal quests I must travel at some locations!
I like to colect coins from all locations and old ones. I don't buy or something like this, but is just a fun thing that I began to do some long time ago...And, about few days ago, in a discussion about old comunist coins and what they worth at that time in the begining of the comunist "era"; my grand mother told me about a habit of my great grandparents to hide some savings in the attic. The home is situated about 100 km from my town, and is an old house of half-timber. I wait the weather to be good, because there is only country roads, and when is rainy days is impossible to reach with a normal car...and I don't have a jeep!
If I find something I let you know and I prepare my camera...if I don't find nothing..well, I'll post only few pics with an old country village!
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Good Luck on that one. Who knows what you will find. It reminds me of the beginning of Goonies when they accidentally find the map in the attic. Aticcs have always been mysterious to me,there perfect for finding lost artifacts and family secrets. There was a guy who lived in Vermont and won the lottery. He never told his family or friends.Then one day they found him dead in his house which was an old rickity shack. When they searched his lot they found the money in the attic,he never spent one penny of it. Weird. Take pictures of the spooky attic if you can,hopefully its not inhabited by large carniverous siberian wolf spiders like my attic was when I was a kid.
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