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Hello fellow Raiders

Regarding Henry,

I'm new here on the boards and I have recently rediscovered my interest in Indiana Jones. I've been here before but decided to take a closer look and maybe finally register at the forums. I've always been a fan of Indiana Jones ever since as kid. I grew up with mostly Last Crusade and Temple of Doom. Raiders I saw a little later. Now I have the dvd's and Temple is signed by Ke Hey Quan and I also have a picture with him when I met him at the Amsterdam Comic Con. I also have all the adult Indy novels and five Young Indiana Jones novels. I have two T-shirts. A black one with Indy's face on and a brown one from The Crystal Skull. I also own Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, the Infernal Machine, the Emperor's Tomb and both Lego adventures for PS3. I have a movie poster of the Temple of Doom and a framed poster of the Indiana Jones and the Pinball Adventure. I also have a canvas fabric cover of the four movies like you have on the second pinball machine which I hope someday to own.

I think that's about it. Now, just a little more about me. I'm from Belgium and besides Indy, I'm into movies in general and like pretty much everything between Jaws and now. Tv-shows included. I'm getting more and more into gaming. Reading is not my strong suit but I hope to get through the Indy novels again. Haven't read them all yet. Other than that I like reading about history and anything that has to do with World War II.

At this point I'm (re)discovering IJ Chronicles through YouTube. Have only seen chapter 1&2 so far now. But that's where I'm at now with Indy. I intend to start reading soon and I'm going to use the timeline as a guide. So I read it accordingly and start with the Perils of Delphi. And now I mentioned the timeline, I noticed you didn't add Indy's adventure he had in 1947 he mentioned in KOTCS, the Air Force fiasco. Just sayin'.

Anyway, this was my introduction and I hope to hear you guys soon.
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Thumbs up Im new!!

Iew to the board! im a Indiana Jones freak since 1984 , im 37, back then i was 5 yrs old! after my sister show me all the other indy and book! since then im a frakin' fan!!! even buy a fedora, box set etc.. not the jacket, i have the same!

So, sorry for the mistake in english, im a french Canadian(Québec)! as a newbie, im just learnin' how the board works.. pictures etc..

Im off work, brain cancer! so those time im watchin all the four movie in loop! can call that intellectual mastubation!!!! ;P
also the young indy adventures!!! very nice!m n
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Himan! im new too here! if ya need somethin' ask me!
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Just joined a month ago, but I'm still learning the ropes on how to navigate around here! I'm sorry I missed the Newbie category when I joined!

P.S. A silly question: does anybody know how to embed YouTube videos in posts (you could say I'm new to posting on message boards too)?
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Welcome aboard guys
Makel37... Hope you make a full recovery. Get well soon pal
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