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Hello from the Netherlands

Hello all,

I am Marten van Wier and I am a sort of on-and-off fan of the Indiana Jones franchise from the Netherlands.
I like the movies and spin off media a lot but I am probably not as big a fan as some of you who have really gone into the details about it, looking up information about the development and history of the movies, and perhaps even the various sources of inspiration behind it, and probably also have a big collection of Indiana Jones related items.

I also really like the genre that the movies represent and find it a shame that there is so little else on this field as these days we could a bit more with exciting adventure stories to balance the various superhero movies and book adaptations.

I was first thinking of writing a very long introduction but reading that might be a little tedious and probably not that important so instead I am just trying to break down my various Indiana Jones interests in categories that people can quickly go through.

Favorite Indiana Jones movie: Raiders of the lost ark>Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade>>Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (actually saw this Indy movie the first)>>>>>>>>>>>>Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. (can't really judge on the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, it has been such a long time ago since I last saw those)

Favorite Indiana Jones character next to Indy: probably Sallah

Favorite Indiana Jones game: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis>Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine/Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures>>Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb>>>>>>>>>>>>Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings (such a shame to that this ended up such a failure, I like the Odin BTW)

Favorite Indiana Jones book: Indiana Jones and the Philosopher Stone (I have not read them all yet so I can not make a final judgment)

Favorite Indiana Jones comic: Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix (yeah art was average but I really like the story)/Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods (the closest we will probably get to Indiana Jones and the Call of Cthulhu/Lovecraft Mythos).
Strange choices in favorite mini-series probably in the eyes of many here but the other Dark Horse mini series were just average to okay to my taste, and the Marvel Indiana Jones comics may have been good for its time but I don't think they have not held up that well. (still would like to get them all one day)

Most mourned Indiana Jones project that got canceled: Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix. Being a big fan of Lucasarts Point-and-Click games I really wanted to see this game, I actually rather liked the decision to go for a Batman The Animated Series stylish look as I think it would help set the game apart and prevent the graphics from feeling dated quickly (mind you, I love the VGA art work on Fate of Atlantis).
The story also sounded pretty exciting; Indy having to prevent the resurrection of Hitler and the Third Reich.

Indiana Jones future project I look the most forwards too: Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth (please, oh please, don't let this get canceled)

Favorite Indiana Jones like production: Return to Castle Wolfenstein/Wolfenstein 2009. I honestly think an Indiana Jones/B.J. Blazkowicz crossover would work.

Favorite Indiana Jones item I possess: I have one of those action figures you can buy in Disneyland that I really like. Would love to get a few more similar figures in the future when I can afford them.

See you all on the forums.
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