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Question Textless versions of posters?

Does anyone know where I can find textless versions of the Indiana Jones posters? I know Struzan sells prints of his artwork from time to time at a cost that's pretty steep, but are there any other places I can find prints or even good quality reproductions of the post art?

I love the Bruce Wolfe TOD art, as well as the two "Amsel" posters for Raiders.

I found this link but it's not something for sale. Damn.

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I know that MoviePosterDB ( featured a lot of the key art from the Indiana Jones films, books and more but the website is currently offline. That said, the two guys that ran it parted ways (one to start CineMaterial: and both websites' content is nowhere near as extensive as it used to be on their original site. I get the impression the movie studios 'politely asked' them to remove their copyrighted content.

You need to hunt down a website that offers 'key art'. I quick look by myself just found a few items like the one below but maybe a more thorough search could turn up what you're looking for

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That one's awesome! Never saw it before. I actually like that artwork more than Strewzans final poster!
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The funny thing is that this poster, as Last Crusade's final one sheet, features Harrison in pose from Temple of Doom stills.
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