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Why were Aliens such a "no-go" for so many fans?

If this thread has been made, feel free to merge...

But a lot of people dismissed KOTCS out of the gate because "NO INDIANA JONES MOVIES CAN'T HAVE ALIENS THAT'S JUST WRONG."


Why are aliens so much different than the Holy Grail (which isn't even really a part of true Christianity, but more along the lines of Christian mythology), the Sankara Stones or Voodoo?

It's not like aliens are anything new. Yes, they became popularized in the 1940s and 1950s but there are reports as far back as Alexander the Great of sightings of flying ships and such.
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After nearly 20 years since Last Crusade, it's an odd and unexpected choice. Had they made it sooner and kept some mystery around it, maybe it could have been received better.
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I think a lot of people retroactively concluded that alien's were a "no-go" after how disappointing Crystal Skull was. Had it been a better movie, I bet it would have been less of a controversy.
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Just tired of aliens, that's all.

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Originally Posted by Raiders112390
If this thread has been made, feel free to merge...
You already made two of them:
What's so wrong with aliens?
Why Aliens? Why the 1950s?

Plus, there are these other two:
Regarding The Use of Aliens
Why is a non-earth entity less believable than a religious entity?
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The top link provided by Stoo works.

Thread closed.
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