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The Adventures of Duke Hudson

Hello fellow Indiana Jones and Adventure fans I am in the process of trying to write a Pulp Inspired WWII Era Action/Adventure.

Several years ago I created a character heavily inspired by pulp adventure heroes of the 1930ís and 40ís. If I had to describe it in one line I would say that Itís Indiana Jones meets James Bond. Aside from those 2 I was also influenced by Doc Savage, The Rocketeer, Tom Strong, The Mummy and the Mummy Returns and several other things of this nature.

It's called Duke Hudson or The Adventures of Duke Hudson. I'm not sure what I should call it yet. Duke Hudson is along time passion project of mine, but I've never been able to get it off the ground by myself, but maybe with some help I can.

I am trying to write an exciting opening/intro action/chase sequence. The concept behind the sequence is that Duke Hudson has just rescued a German scientist/inventor from the Nazis who were forcing him to create weapons for them. They are holding his family hostage.

Anyway I'd like the scene to start with them already in the middle of a chase scene. I am thinking of a Motorcycle chase. I think a straight up cycle chase would be the best bet. I want the scene to have a real sense of speed and danger.

The motorcycle that Duke is riding has no side car, so the scientists has to ride behind. The reason I don't want a side car is because a side car would really limit the agility of a cycle.

I have been trying to figure out this scene for a few weeks now and I'm having some issues that I hope some of you might be able to help me out with.

I want to structure it perfectly. To me the anatomy of an action sequence has to be perfect and it has to flow from one event to the next in a natural and organic way that won't feel choppy or awkward.

I'll admit that I'm having issues in figuring out how to make the scene flow.
I know I want to start the action scene late. I want to start the scene with the action already in progress. Like were jumping right into the middle of it. I read that doing this makes this more interesting and exciting.

I've seen some excellently structured action sequences and a lot of them are from the Indiana Jones films, which makes perfect sense seeing as Indiana Jones was a major inspiration for Duke Hudson.

The Truck Chase and Flying Wing Fight from Raiders of the Lost Ark

The Mine Cart Chase from Temple of Doom

The Motorcyle Chase and the Tank Chase from Last Crusade*

Even the Jungle Chase from Crystal Skull*

These are all examples of action scenes with flawless structure and flow.

But Indiana Jones is not the only influence for Duke Hudson. James Bond is another one and my Favorite Bond movies are the pierce brosnan Bond movies and they have great action scenes.

The Tank Chase from Golden eye

The Parking garage car sequence and the Bike Chase from Tomorrow Never Dies*

The Hovercraft chase from Die Another Day

These are all example of well structured action scenes and the kind of flow I want for Duke Hudson.

Any Ideas that any of you might have would be of great help. Thank you.
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Originally Posted by RONDC20
Several years ago I created a character...
Hi, Ron. I remember. You announced it 9 years ago (minus 1 day) on 30 May 2009.

Duke Hudson: An Original Character

Good luck with your work.
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Yup that was me. I hope I can find help here
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