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Originally Posted by Indyologist
Interesting-- who said this? Forgive my ignorance. Also, I love The Little Mermaid too. I have been loving and collecting all kinds of mermaid stuff since I was a kid!

Obviously I am joking here, in the same way that I find the allegations against Ford's characters ridiculous.

But to borrow a quote from the backseat driver :" Like it or not, Ariel signed a contract. She was explicitly informed of its terms, and even if they were ridiculous and stacked against her, she still decided to gamble. Ariel made a poor decision, and legally, she had to pay the piper on this one."

But rather than accept the consequences, she has her lover kill Ursula.

Really a dark, dark message there if you want to see it.

My main point being that if you explicitly want to see bad things in any story you can always find them by explaining things differently.

I am quite sure that this is not the true message here. But in the same way that the author of the article is desperately trying to explain Indy's actions as misogynistic, I hope that by giving this example I am showing that everything can be manipulated to seem to mean what you want it to, if you try hard enough.
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