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Personal Journals

Inspired by Indiana Jones, many years ago I bought a very nice leather hand made journal notebook on ebay for pretty cheap (I just tried to find a similar one again but nothing even close and a bunch of expensive junky ones). It would be cool to get back in touch with the crafts-person who made it but ebay doesn't have records that far back. Anyway...

Over the years I have taken it nearly everywhere with me when I travel, through college, etc. I had no idea it would actually fill up densely turning into something this special that I will often reference back to or continue to add to.

Has anyone else done something like this? Does anyone have recommendations on the best travel sketch notebook journal to get? Mine still has some empty pages but one day I will need a new one.

Also, if there is a thread about this already please link it.
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You can get some nice leather-bound Indy-type journals at Just go to and search under "journal" or "journals." Some of their stuff is cheap junk, so do your research. Overall, I think you'll be pleased with their selection and their prices. Basically, all the stuff is from China. Good luck in your search for your "adventure" journal! Hope the following link helps:

See here:
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