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Originally Posted by Raiders112390
For those who watched it either when it debuted, or more recently, what were your first impressions?

I was introduced to a Jones in 2011. My brother was obsessed with and I within the past year rediscovered and enjoyed it. I have to say, it is very very well-made. This series, has so many great moments that I as a teenager can connect to for example, the episode with Sean Patrick Flannery are great adventure, mystery, war, love, action and thought-provoking stories that any 15-year-old boy such as myself enjoys. I can recall the moments of every series and watch it almost every day after a long hard day of school. I wear a necklace similar to the one indy wears and have been inspired to learn more about this time. In history!
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Originally Posted by Stoo
Some first impressions can be found in your other thread:
Did anyone watch the series as it aired? What was your reaction then?
Mhm. There's no need to start a new thread when there's an older one that perfectly fits the topic. Though I guess somebody might argue that there is a distinction between those who watched it back then and someone who's late to the party, but that's not significant enough to not simply make the latter the question an extension to the first. It's called topic progression, and we're perfectly fine with that.

Threads merged.
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Vague memories. But I remember airings during the early 90's in Belgium and I remember a teen Indy fighting with a thug in a house that was burning down and that thug dies while Indy watches. That's about it. Than about ten, eleven years ago I remember some reruns and Indy and Henry being stuck on a elevator they had to climb up.

Right now, I just finished episode 3 Perils of Cupid. I gotta say, I'm not that impressed with the tv-series so far. Maybe it's because Indy is still a child. I like it they don't back down from sensitive subjects like racism, slavery, hunting and even sex and love. I thought the early 1900's would be more interesting but I really think I should take 1912 with Titanic and the run-up to WWI as a beginning. I like the historic figures he meets and the actors that played them: Max Von Sydow as Freud for instance. I hope I can get through the early part and go to an older Indy in the war.
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Suddenly it take a turn for the good. The Travels With Father was the first very interesting episode: travelling through Russia and Greece. I liked both trips but I think the one with his father in Greece is the best one yet.
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I'll just say briefly that I did watch "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" when it originally aired. As a big fan of Indiana Jones already from the movies, I was definitely excited for this show. And it didn't disappoint. It quickly became a favorite- I much enjoyed watching this series when it was airing on TV. I was glad to get episodes on VHS when it released in 1999 and then later on, it was great to see DVD releases for the show- I have since watched all the episodes on DVD (thanks to my local library). And I enjoyed the Old Indy segments with George Hall and the Young Indy segments as well, whether with Corey Carrier or Sean Patrick Flanery. It's still an awesome, fun, exciting show that does a nice job of teaching kids some history as well.
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I watched it as it aired, and was pretty disappointed with it. I kept tuning in, week after week, thinking, "Maybe THIS week it will finally feel like Indiana Jones!", but it never did. Eventually, I realized it was a lost cause, and I stopped watching.
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