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Originally Posted by indyclone25
last christmas i bought a bluray player, and i have e it hooked to my regular ol tv , i plan on getting a hdtv this christmas most likely a 50 inch, since i saw a sanyo 50 inch at walmart this week for 900 bucks i plan to get that one. and let me tell you i havent bought any bluray discs yet all my movies right now are dvd and i have seen the indy movies on my friends big screen tv offa blu ray and it looks awesome

That's likely because the Blu Ray player is upscaling the standard DVD's. Upscaling works, but a natural source on a Blu Ray disc with more data will look better. If you are looking to get some great colors and lines from your DVD's, then pick up Sony's Superbit titles or the Criterion collection stuff.

Still, Blu Ray is the way to go.
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Longer transcript:
Q: As head of [fan relations] at Lucasfilm, you talk about Indiana Jones, although it seems a lot more overshadowed under the fandom of Star Wars, and I’ve got two questions about that, one, the same thing about the high definition of that, and then there’s been talk, obviously, well there’s been talk of the Internet of there being talk of a fifth movie and… And even just a no comment on that.

A: All I know is what I’ve seen on the Internet. I personally would be surprised to see a fifth Indy movie because of all the well known stories about how long it took to get a fourth Indy movie done and everybody in agreement. Who knows.
As far as future DVD releases, Indy is a little different. Star Wars is completely controlled by one man. George. Indy is controlled by George and Steven and to a certain extent Harrison and Paramount. So you have a lot more parties that have to be in agreement when it comes to anything when it comes to Indy. So, that’s something we hear about after some decisions have been made. At least at my level.

Q: So a Blu-ray, maybe, after everybody all sits down and talks about it?

A: I would think that at some point, yeah. But I know absolutely nothing about any Indy plans.
We weren’t really involved very much in the marketing of Indy as far as I’m concerned because there really isn’t a fan community like there is for Star Wars. Indy was never a very toy-etic movie and I really think that got a lot of kids into Star Wars or revived their interest years later and so that whole, the books and the comics, there’s so much more with Star Wars, it’s such a huge galaxy. Whereas Indy is not supernatural, although he goes after the supernatural stuff. He’s a man. And he ages and you know. There’s still more to fill in his story, but it’s not the same depth of fandom interest as it is in Star Wars.
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A personal message from Steve Sansweet:
Dear fellow Star Wars fans and collectors,
I need to share some distressing news with you because I need your help.
In February we at Rancho Obi-Wan found out that we had been the victim of a major theft that surreptitiously took place over many months in late 2015 through 2016.
There were more than 100 valuable items stolen, the majority of them vintage U.S. and foreign carded action figures, many of them rare and important pieces. Most have either been resold or professionally appraised for a total of more than $200,000.
The theft came to light after Philip Wise, a good friend, major collector and owner of several Star Wars websites, posted news of the theft of his rare prototype rocket-firing Boba Fett action figure from his Texas warehouse. Zach Tann, a respected toy dealer and collector in Southern California, immediately notified Philip that he had purchased that figure from Carl Edward Cunningham, 45, a well-known Star Wars collector and R2-D2 builder from Marietta, Georgia.
Tann further told Philip that he previously had bought many other rare Star Wars collectibles from Carl and sent a detailed list. Philip said that he quickly concluded by the quantity and quality of items that they had likely been stolen from my collection here in Petaluma, California.
Tann is working closely with us and authorities to help recover and return as many of the stolen collectibles as possible. Without Zach Tann’s call to Philip, which came despite great potential personal financial exposure to himself, we might still not know of the theft or its extent.
Carl surrendered on an arrest warrant from the Sonoma County, California Sheriff’s Department at the end of March and was charged with felony grand theft. He is currently free on bail with additional hearings in the case scheduled.
I have known Carl for many years, considered him a good and trusted friend, and played host to him at my home numerous times. I, and the staff at Rancho Obi-Wan, are devastated that he is the alleged perpetrator of the thefts. Not only have important items been stolen from the collection, but also our time, energy and ability to trust unconditionally have taken a blow.
If you have any information about Carl Cunningham’s activities or items that he has sold please write to If you think you may have purchased a stolen item, please be patient while we work through this process. It is our goal to resolve this situation as quickly as possible and to continue to use the collection at Rancho Obi-Wan to “Inspire through the Force” despite the destruction caused by one person.
Thank you for your help,
Steve Sansweet
Rancho Obi-Wan
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