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View Poll Results: Honestly...will there be another Indy film in the next decade?
Absolutely!!! I'm in lala land 48 34.78%
Maybe...but not today. 53 38.41%
No, not with any of the current creators and members. 19 13.77%
Heck no, no denial issues here. 8 5.80%
I may not like it, but a Re-boot is possible within the decade 16 11.59%
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Sounded to me like Steven is saying I am ready to go but we still have no story & did not mention Lucas so either he is retired or still the holdup.

Last week Lucas did not sound like someone who is going to be working for Disney again after they dropped his lame Star Wars 7 ideas

Its a good sign Steven is still enthusiastic to do one more with Harrison. Disney will understand the box office gold that combo will bring to the global box office
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Originally Posted by Le Saboteur
It's the most definitive declaration of a desire to date, but the takeaway seems to be the same: It's not on Disney-Lucasfilm's immediate agenda. Coupled with Kathleen Kennedy's comments earlier, and it's not even on the back burner. Once the docket has been thinned of Star Wars material, then they'll worry about another outing for Dr. Jones.
By the time, it's been another 3-5 years. For those wishing for an immediate announcement following The Force Awakens should understand that things should have been in pre-production already for a while for this to happen. And there's no way such a thing can fly under the radar in this modern information age.

Time is not running in Mr. Ford's favor here, it's something even the ultimate fanboys ought to be aware of. The man even reflects the fact himself, with his "if you live long enough" comment.
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Appreciated, guys.
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Z dweller
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It’s time to lay some odds for Indy 5. Here are mine.

  • Ford plays older Indy, another actor plays younger Indy for part of the movie: 4/5 (55.5% probability).

  • Another actor stars, no Ford: 5/2 (28.5% probability).

  • Ford stars, no other actor as younger Indy: 9/1 (10% probability).

  • No further movies, Disney opt for a TV show or animated series instead: 16/1 (6% probability).

Faites vos jeux, ladies and gents…
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Another BBC interview, no Indy. At 14:40, now Hanks wants to be a Bond villian, and Spielberg mentions 7 unproduced Hook musical numbers. Here's the one that mentions Indy, isolated:
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In the Jan 2016 Empire film magazine Harrison is talking about Star Wars but gets asked at the end of the interview about Indy 5:

Empire:It seems there going ahead with the new Indiana Jones movie...
HF "They are?! Who told you that? Your not keeping up"

Empire: You're saying there not going ahead with Indy 5?
HF: No there is a new Indy movie in preparation. I think Steven (Spielberg) has answered all the questions on that. You should check out his comments."
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