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Thor: Ragnarok

Domestic: $181,030,624
+ Foreign: $268,295,994
= Worldwide: $449,326,618

Thor: The Dark World
Domestic: $206,362,140
+ Foreign: $438,209,262
= Worldwide: $644,571,402

Thor: Ragnarok
Domestic: $309,104,758
+ Foreign: $535,426,428
= Worldwide: $844,531,186

Two watchable Hulk movies and two watchable Thor movies led to this brilliant course correction. It's funnier than both Guardians movies combined. I tried rewatching Captain America 3 recently but just skimmed through endless meetings to the good scenes, you know which ones. Most movies are forgettable, but there's still a big difference between movies you revisit or rewatch. Memo to DC: you can salvage these things.
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Joe Brody
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I really enjoyed Ragnarok as well but disagree on two points:

1.) I think it is too late for DC.

2.) I get where you are coming from on Civil War and your observations about 'endless meetings' but as a hater of lifeless exposition scenes in general and someone vested in the Captain America trilogy and the MCU, I'd say there isn't any fat or dead weight in that script. With respect to notable 'meeting scenes' in Civil War, I would note:

a.) Tony Stark MIT: clever scene with the always excellent Robert Downey Jr. (that also advances the current status of Tony Stark/Pepper Potts relationship for bonus points). I submit Civil War's attempt to explore the collateral damage caused by super hero battles is superior to the Batman Vs. Superman fiasco that has Bruce Wayne driving around in a comical little Jeep.

b.) Thunderbolt Ross Ultimatum discussion. I love the decision to recycle Ross from his earlier appearance in Hulk and bump him up to Secretary of State. From Ross's first utterance we get him and his role as a government antagonist and this scene neatly shifts the focus to international diplomacy which sets the stage for the introduction of Black Panther. I also love the group dynamic of the Avengers as we see sides forming. These first two exposition scenes are key because they introduce two key antagonists: Tony Stark and Thunderbolt Ross (a/k/a the U.S. Government). This is a far cry from normal bad guy exposition scenes in a super hero movie.

c.) Death of Peggy Carter. As a fan, I love the way Agent Carter's arc is closed. From a narrative perspective, in these scenes we again are reminded that Steve Carter is a man out of time and these scenes conveniently help shift the action to Europe and the transition to Steve's relationship with Sharon Carter. Steve's bonus interaction with Black Widow (coming after the events in Winter Soldier) has more emotional resonance than the totality of all the last crop of DC films combined.

d.) United Nations Vienna Scenes. Sets up the middle of the film and introduces the Black Panther and furthers the interaction between Sharon and Steve. Short, minimal and efficient story telling.

e.) Bucky interrogation in Berlin. If anywhere, I'll admit there's some talking but I'd submit it's tolerable given Downey Jr. and the further exposure to Black Panther.

f.) Introduction of Peter Parker. Genius scene on every level. Sony doesn't deserve what this scene did to 'reboot' the Spider Man franchise. Up to this point, Civil War is a brooding, combative film. The action set in Queens totally reset's the film's tone unlike anything I've ever seen before. Again, genius.

g.) Pre-Airport fight scene: great comic relief.

h.) Post-Airport talk: minimal and en route to the final fight scene.

Forgive the long list but as a fan of Captain America and the larger MCU, I don't think all of Civil War's exposition 'meeting' scenes are forgettable -- especially when compared against your average super hero or recent Star Wars film. That said, I'm glad that Marvel/Disney is smart enough to keep changing things with a trippy film like Ragnarok.
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I consider Captain America 3 not forgettable but revisitable, since I already know how the allegiances will shake out. When Disney has its own streaming platform they'll probably analyze frequently skimmed scenes and plug such holes in the future. Tom Holland and RDJ's meeting was lively, like their movie this year. Being or watching a superhero should be fun. Avengers 3/4 will make billions, though I hope it's not too sprawling.

DC is done with Zack Snyder, and can't possibly go any darker.
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Dana Scully
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Forget Star Wars, Justice League, Spider-Man or Guardians 2, I think this has to be my 'blockbuster' of the year, I haven't had such a thoroughly enjoyable movie theater experience in a long time.

Also, has Cate Blanchett ever looked hotter than in this? Ever? Does she even age?
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