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FAQ list for New Users

Q. How do I get/use an Avatar?
A. Beg and plead with the Moderators... just kidding... you need to be a member with some vested interest in joining our board. Translation, you must have 100 posts before you can get an avatar.

Q. If have a problem, who do I go?
A. Ask any moderator, lead moderator, or admin to help you. Send us a PM using the Raven's PM system. Our Feedback section is also a good place to go for answers not brought up by this FAQ or our Forum Rules. You can also bring up anything else concerning this board there. Just remember that things rarely happen forthright.

Q. Do you just talk about Indiana Jones here?
A. No, while some of us tend to stay on just the Indy forums, we have other areas that you can talk about archaeology, globe-trotting, and just about everything else.

Q. Do you know what Indiana Jones V is about/if I can be in it/etc?
A. No/no/no/etc., this is a fan site, made by fans for fans. Sometimes some of us find out information (and pass it along) that may be just a rumor or a rumor based in fact. However, nothing posted here is ever 100% concrete... believe you me... sometimes it is nothing more than speculation. Besides, if we told you the plotline for Indy V we would have to have George's hitmen come and kill you.

This sticky will be updated with more FAQ's when they warrant. For now, please enjoy the Raven Bar... and please don't burn it down (again).

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