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Marion and Indy's affair: 1926 vs 1925

I'd like to make a case for "officially" switching the date of Indy and Marion's early affair from what's written on the "official timeline" (Ultimate Guide lists it as 1925) to a year later in 1926. Here's my reasoning: in 1925, Indy was just starting his first university job and had just met, and fallen in love with, Deirdre Campbell ("Indiana Jones and the Dance of the Giants"). With a very busy year, and a new girlfriend, Indy wouldn't have time to work with Abner and "fall in love" with Marion. However, in 1926, Indy marries and loses Deirdre ("...Seven Veils") and since he was mourning and probably confused and looking for a distraction, it would make much more sense that he would work with Abner (a "father figure" for comfort) a few months later and have the affair with Marion. Plus, it makes Marion 17 and not 16 and therefore a tiny bit less creepy (tiny bit). Thoughts?
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