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Jeff Goldblum in the Thrilling Adventures of Minneapolis Johnson!

Jeff Goldblum as an Indiana Jones-esque adventurer?

Yes, it's true - the story portion of the Feb 20, 1990 episode of Sesame Street features Jeff Goldblum as Minneapolis Johnson, brother of Sesame's Bob, and his quest for the Golden Cabbage of Snuffertiti.

It's... uh... quite a thing.

Surprised this wasn't mentioned prior, apologies if my search fu was weak today.
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haha, This is great. Thanks for sharing!

Wow Goldblum is a bad singer!

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Stumbled on this last year myself. A pretty fun homage, and who doesn’t love Goldblum!?

Another one that’s gotten a shocking lack of attention on here (one post 11 years ago that I could find) is Bruce Campbell as Cleveland Smith: Bounty Hunter. Though beware, this is not as family friendly as the Sesame Street bit...
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