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Le Saboteur
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Does an official behind-the-scenes advert grant a new lease on life or simply filling dead air?

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No Ticket
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I recently went to WDW and saw the show again for the first time in 4 years. I gotta say, it’s still terrific but the sound system and what not within the theater really doesn’t sound so good anymore so I hope that they will update it sometime in the near future. Honestly, the show could use a few new scenes which I hope they’ll add if Indy 5 happens.
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Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular - Full Show On YouTube

ThemeParkGroupie has uploaded the full Indiana Jones show at Florida's Disney park onto YouTube and the footage is well shot.

I was fortunate enough to see this show only a week or so after the park first opened back in 1989. Back then there were Nazi Swastikas on the 'flying wing', the German Mechanic was chopped up by the propeller blade (the stuntman actually fell through a trap door in a flash of smoke and sparks as the blade reached him) and the plane actually set on fire as opposed to there being an explosion behind it.


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Here's another recording of it. Not from the same showing, but this one has closer shots.
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