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Originally Posted by Connery's Toupe
I shall be traversing through Tunisia next year. I hope to soak up as much of the local customs and culture as possible as I plan on writing a thesis on Tunisian arts and crafts.

Maybe I could ask directions to find some of the Raiders locations!
Just Google "Indiana Jones" with either "Kairouan" or "Sidi Bouhlel" you'll find plenty of locations info and photos. Then look up these places in Google Earth, the GE community has added plenty of place markers and info. Enjoy.
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I try to visit countries which give me that 'Indy' feeling. Like Egypt for example, or Morocco, or India, or Nepal. Last year i went to Laos and Cambodia to see Angkor. Ok, Indy's never been there but still, if you walk into those amazing temples... you do get that Indy feeling.
And this year it's going to be Egypt again and Jordan! Yes, i'm going after the Holy Grail! ...... ..

what do you mean, there's no 700 year old knight in Petra?
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Little Indy
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Originally Posted by NLogan
When I was a kid I traveled to several ghost towns around the wild west.
I have gone spelunking in several caves.
I have been to several sites that have Native American ruins and pictographs and petroglyphs. I have seen Fremont and Anasazi pueblos.
I have hunted bison while dressed as a fur trapper with Shoshone Indian guides.
I have been to several rain forests in Brazil and saw the Aparados da Serra which is a huge canyon with several waterfalls (imagine the Grand Canyon slightly smaller and covered in rain forest).
I have found ten or more waterfalls on my own while chopping through the jungle with a machete.
I have been to the ruins (Sao Miguel das Missoes) seen in the Robert DeNiro film The Mission, built by Jesuits and Guarani Indians near the border of Argentina and Brazil.
I have been near the Iguaçu Falls as seen in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
I have hiked to the top of a volcano.
I have been to several deserts.
I have explored a tunnel system underneath a university.
I have been to several dinosaur excavation sites.
I have done a lot of researching in libraries.
I have collected a huge bow and arrow, and feather crown made from blue and yellow macaw and scarlet macaw feathers from Amazonian Indian tribes. I also have other artifacts from the Zorós, Xavantes, and Karapanã Amazonian Tribes.
I have found a Buddhist temple on top of an isolated mountain.
I have researched local folklore and legends and written a paper on it.
I have been to Arches and seen Balanced Rock and the Double O arch in the Devil's Garden as seen on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
When I was a kid I created my own Idol and Treasure map for my back yard.

Which tunnel system under which university?
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Indy Pendant
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I'm jokingly thinking of asking my mother, when she takes me to Spain sometime soon, to take me to Almeria, where part of Last Crusade was filmed...

I love treasure maps.

Oh, and I too have explored a tunnel system underneath a university.
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Originally Posted by Little Indy
Which tunnel system under which university?

I probably should not say but here is a photo:

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Little Indy
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Originally Posted by NLogan
I probably should not say but here is a photo:

Is that under a major university in Provo?
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Originally Posted by Little Indy
Is that under a major university in Provo?

No it is not in Provo. You are assuming I went to school locally because I live in Utah. If that were the case it would have to be BYU, University of Utah, Utah State University, or UVSU. Most Universities have tunnels under them for maintenance, gas lines, electrical lines and water mains. It is probably trespassing to be in any of them, not to mention dangerous. The older tunnel systems are probably not as well maintained and have exposed ungrounded electrical cables and some are partially flooded. I had legitimate access to these tunnels but probably should not have taken the time to explore them all as there were several miles. The coolest thing I found was a bomb shelter room with WWII era ham radio, rotting portable cots, makeshift toilets, and barrel after barrel of medical supplies and food rations all covered in rat turds.
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i wish i could
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Raider S
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Why wish? Start planning and work to make it happen!
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i have been on a adventure

i have been on a adventure in boone ia, where i went to kate shelley museum and saw kate shelley's ghost well i least thought i did
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Originally Posted by Raider S
Why wish? Start planning and work to make it happen!

i'm only 14. it takes a lot of work to save up for that, and quite frankly, i want a ps3
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I went caving for about 4 or 5 hours a few months ago and there will be more adventures to come I'm taking outdoor pursuits yr10 and advance out door pursuits
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I grew up in Southern California and saw a lot of Spanish history. I once traveled up the coast to see the Spanish missions too. When I lived in Maryland I saw everything in DC and saw a lot of Revolutionary and Civil War battefields. I have also been to Philly quite a few times to see a lot of the "Founding Fathers" history. Now I live in Arizona and have been to a few places (like the Grand Canyon) but I still plan on driving to Montezuma Castle, Navajo and Coronado (yes that Coronado) and also to Utah's Arches Parks as seen in TLC.

I'm also planning to take a long vacation someday to see Mayan ruins in the Yucatan and Aztec ruins in central Mexico. I also want to visit Peru and see Machu Picchu and Nazca and then head over to Brazil to see Rio de Janiero. I'm not religious but that statue of Jesus is amazing. I'm starting to learn to speak Spanish now and need to pick up a little Portugese too. It'll be my own little "red line on a map" trip.
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Me and my buddy Paul just got back from hitch hiking across the USA. It took us most of the summer to do it. We went from Bethel Vermont to Hunting beach California. We got in to two fights both were in California. One was in L.A with some homeless guys they were quick to beet up they were old and drunk. The other fight we got are ass kicked and that was in Anaheim California. There were times along the way that we had to still food from stores

I got a hole gang of photos from the 3000 mile trip. I will put the pics on the net so you guys can see them.
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Such a cool thread this is! It's great to read about everyone's adventures on here! Personally I just love to travel; everywhere I go I'm always looking for fun Indy-esqe things to see or do! There haven't been many moments like that yet, but there definitly will be in the future

Still, I have one little adventure I would like to share with you Ever since I got my first PC (I must have been 12 or something) and my dad got me Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, I always wanted to go to Greece, or Crete to be more precise, to visit Knossos

I never really lost sight of that and well, in 2006 my girlfriend and I actually went to Crete, so I got my chance! We were staying at a fair distance from it though, and because we hadn't rent a car, we had to take the buss to first get to Heraklion. Now, a trip that you would normally take in an hour can easily take up to two hours in Crete; falling rocks, traffic jams, detours and all, so we finally got there early afternoon. We first went to the museum in (for free, since we were students ) Heraklion to see what kind of stuff they had dug up all over Crete. Well, a lot of pottery, that's for sure! Those Cretans sure has a thing for octopuses and bulls! They had some marvelous vases, the Phaistos Disc, statues (also something similar to the bull's head from FoA!), busts, jewelry, tools, all pretty and cool and wow!

We didn't want to spend too much time there though, as it was extremely crowded that day and the museum just kept overflowing with other tourists, pushing and shoving to get a good glimpse of the old goodies. Near the end of the afternoon, we took another buss to Knossos. Yes, you have to take the buss to get there, as it is NOT situated at the sea like in FoA. Plus side: no nasty Nazi submarine surprises

Knossos is very weird. And very aimed at tourists. The minute the buss drops you off, there are dozens of little shops, all selling the same tourist junk you would expect to find there. Once you get through the army of attention whoring cats and the ticket thingy (once again, for free because we were students!) there is a little walkway with cyprus trees you follow until you get to the palace itself. First up, there are a few giant pits. I'm not sure what they were used for, but they were big! Then you can salute the bust of Sir Arthur Evans, who had a lot of the original ruins restored, making it easier to see what the palace was like when it was still standing. After that, it's off to explore!

Don't bother looking for the labyrinth with the Minotaur; you won't find it. What you will find, however, is that the palace itself is pretty much like a giant maze, even in its partly ruined state! It's a great place to play hide and seek! Or ehr, to do more mature stuff like taking pictures! Oh yes, plenty to see! There are some beautiful fresco's and if you have a good eye for photography, it shouldn't be too hard to take some awesome pictures Anyways, there are throne rooms, storage magazines, stairs, walls, ancient tress, cool pillars, and the best part: the Bull's Horn ARE actually there! Neato!

If you ever get the chance to visit Knossos, do so, if only to satisfy your Indy-like curiosities! Be sure to go late in the afternoon, as most tourists will be LEAVING then, making the site a lot more accessible to you. If you go there by bus, be sure to check at what time the bus to your resort or hotel goes back. Busses stop driving some time after 20:00 pm, and while being stranded can be fun, you'd much rather want to crash in your hotel bed after the trip, as the high temperatures, the hiking, the tourists and the cats will literally drain your energy

Still, it's definitly worth it! Once I get around to sorting out some of the pictures, I'll post them!
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Dig Sasquatch, the Devil's Hopyard, and the Mountain

I've got three true stories from when I was a kid, of my own adventures. The first two even involve the supernatural, and the third is just plain exciting...

The first took place when my family took me to Canada, to a frontier town reenactment. It was just like going back in time to the old west! What we didn't expect was to encounter a Sasquatch. They had an old covered bridge that was separating one half of the frontier town from the other. Eager to catch the rodeo, we went to cross the bridge when we noticed some children there, screaming. Not surprising, since kids will do that in dark bridges and tunnels. However, what made this odd was that their parents were screaming too. And running, with their kids, away from the bridge! We were far braver, though, so we decided to see what all the silly fuss was about. After going a short way unto the bridge, my mother put her hand out to grab the railing. However, instead of the railing, she grabbed something furry. Looking over at it, she screamed and yelled that there was a naked, hairy man there. At that exact moment, my grandmother accidentally touched it too. Except that she thought it was a bear. I looked over to see what it really was, and I saw this creature that was about seven feet tall, all covered in hair, with claws like a bear, and a face like a caveman with a huge mouth filled with fangs and big, piecing eyes like those of a wild animal. The creature growled, loudly, and as it moved into the light my grandmother said: "That's not a man or a bear!" and suddenly the security guards for the place showed up. By that time we had run to the far end of the bridge, and when we looked behind us to see the outcome of these strange events the creature was gone and the party of security guards could find nothing there, despite so many witnesses. It simply disappeared into thin air. We didn't see it again... and we were glad! This happened when I was about four years old, and I never did forget it. I suppose it isn't every day that you go to Canada and actually see a "Bigfoot"!

The second adventure in this set took place when I was about five years old. My grandfather was taking me to Mystic Aquarium and Mystic Seaport, out in Connecticuit. We often went there a lot when I was little, but on this day we decided to check out the famous "Devil's Hopyard"... which was made famous by the movie "The Dunwich Horror". The place was a national park containing a lot of unusual above-ground rock formations. The gate was open, so we parked the car and went in to have a look around. There was nobody there, and the place was unusually still. No birds, no insects. Nothing but silence. Then, my grandfather heard a loud rustling noise and told me to look at a big shape off in the distance. He said it looked like a bear, but that it's face was all wrong. Then, it got closer. It was a monster the likes of which is hard to explain! It had hooves like a wild boar, it was the size of a bear, and it had a skull with four horns for a face. It made no sound except for a pitter-patter as it saw us, got scared, and bolted back into the woods. I screamed that I thought it was some kind of a devil, my grandfather said he never saw that kind of animal before in his life, and we ran back to the car, took it for a spin around the park, saw nothing more of the beast, and decided to get back on the road to Mystic. That was one of the most frightening things I ever saw! Although some Native American legends tell of a creature called the "Death Bear" that can appear in wild places. The legend goes that if someone sees the Death Bear, then it is an omen of death. Years later, my brother... who wasn't born yet when I saw the creature, and had at the time never learned about my own encounter with it... was riding his bike past a graveyard near some old woods that used to be sacred Indian ground. There, he saw the identical thing I had seen. He hurried home, described it to me and to my grandmother. And my grandmother, being part Native American, knew the legend and told my brother about my adventure at the Devil's Hopyard. We all laughed off the apparition of the Death Bear. But not long after my brother saw it, my grandfather who had himself seen the monster all those years ago passed away from Diabetes. Thus proving true, the legend of the Death Bear being an omen of death. Thankfully... I never saw that horrible thing again.

On a less sinister note, my third story takes place when I was fourteen years old. I went on a hiking trip to Mount Tom... which is located in Easthampton, Massachusettes. With us that day were my mother, my grandfather, and my cousin Chris. To begin the day, I decided to take Chris up to Goat's Peak, a nasty outcropping of rock topped by some old ruins. There, I dared Chris to scale a sheer cliff up into the window of the ruins. He refused, so I called him a coward and decided to take the dare myself. When I got about halfway up the cliff, Chris yelled that I was insane so I told him that if he was that afraid he shoulf take the easy way and go up the nearby path which led to the old ruins. He agreed, and said he'd be waiting for me there. My grandfather kept watch on me, warning me not to fall since if I fell I would have broken my neck and died at that height. Heedless, I climbed the rest of the way. Just hands and feet, no ropes or any gear. Perhaps I was crazy back then, but I made it! I put my hands up into the window of the ruins, and climbed in. Chris was waiting there with his mouth wide open in astonishment. However, I was soon to learn that an adventure can begin well but end very nasty indeed! I led Chris over the mountain and into some dense woods, where I knew of a place where you could obtain real lava rocks, created back in the prehistoric age when Mount Tom was part of a volcanic mountain range. These rocks are now cold with time, and you can tell them because they are perforated like unto a sponge, and covered in reddish orange sulpher. There was an area where two trails intersect. We took the long trail, and right as it began I led Chris up a steep hill towards a cave-like indentation in the rock-face at the hill's summit. We made it up to the indentation, where we found our prizes: our coveted lava rocks. I warned Chris not to take too much... because it could start a rockslide. He didn't listen to me, and stuffed his pockets. All at once, the rocks came down, and we slid down the hill amidst the debris! We got halfway down the hill when I yelled to Chris to follow me unto a shortcut off the hill. A dangerous shortcut: a path that ran across a bunch of smaller slopes covered with dense pine trees. We had escaped the rockslide, but now we were plummeting across uneven terrain with branches smacking us in the face. About halfway into this bramble, I took a branch directly to my left eye and was lucky to escape with only a black eye that day. Luckily, even with one eye open I was able to locate what I was looking for, the nice flat, safe trail leading back to where my mother and grandfather were waiting for us. In the end, we split the lava rocks even, despite having lost some during our flight from the rockslide. That day... I felt a quite lot like Indiana Jones!
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It's hot and humid in the Cavern of Crystal Giants, so pictures are enough for me...
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Yay, as soon as I graduate I'm going to every country on this great earth in indy gear for 2 years with $6,000 and a camera i'm gonna backpack the whole earth.
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Dr. Gonzo
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Yes... Groom Lake Nevada... Restricted millitary area... 51...
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There was that one time, when I went camping in Nevada. An air raid siren woke me up...thank God for my giant-sized lead-lined cooler.
Nah, but seriously, I'd love to go to Petra or Peru or anywhere like that, really. The most I've done is explored the Catacombs in France and some Roman ruins in Nimes (southern France). Oh, and I climbed a hill/small mountain in France/ Germany (can't remember which) to some castle ruins. That was pretty cool. There were no tourists so it felt very old and isolated and I could poke around all over the place. I even made a sort of Indy-esque exit. The way down was steep, and I ended up slipping and sliding down the side of the mountain. Saved myself by grabbing a tree root (which nearly broke before I could get on my feet). Good times.
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Temple of Hatshepsut, Luxor, Egypt

A hat is a good idea in Egypt, whatever the design.

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Cool pic, William! A few weeks ago, I was in Cairo and went to the Giza pyramids but didn't have time for Luxor. You lucky dog!

So, this may sound a tad crazy and personal but I got into a foot chase last night and it ended borderline embarassingly.

A bit of background:
I live in another country but still have a condo back home near a university downtown and 2 years ago we had expen$ive repair$ done to the roof becau$e of leakage due to $tudent tenant$ walking around, partying on it, etc. Our condo assocation made a strict rule that no owners/tenants were allowed on the roof unless you lived on the top floors and had a proper, certified deck (which we do). Now...a few weeks back, some brickwork was done and an e-mail was sent out with photos of the results. Noticing there was lawn furniture/table and beer bottles on the roof (!), a warning was sent out to get the stuff off. Upon my return home last week, I went out onto the deck to see if the situation had been taken care of and saw, not only the chairs & table STILL THERE but a FREAKING WADING POOL WITH WATER IN IT! At our scheduled condo syndicate meeting the next day, I learned from the girl next door that there was a rumour going around, amongst students, that our roof was a cool place to go (?!?) so we collectively removed the furniture/pool and tried to block access to it via the firescape.

Last night:
At 3:30am, from our back, bedroom window, noises were heard on the firescape stairway so a minute later, I stepped out onto the front deck to see 2 guys immediately run out of sight. On impulse, I launched myself over the deck fence, across the roof and pursued them along and down the twirly, rattling, wrought-iron firescape, 4 stories high. By the time I reached the bottom, I was kind of dizzy but kept up the pursuit and reached the foot of the driveway to find them running down the street towards an intersection. In a T-shirt, boxers and BAREFOOT, I continued the chase. Just as they turned the corner, I managed to get within 10 feet of them before they went into a steep, uphill alleyway (the streets are on the base of a small mountain). At this point, the chase fell silent, the only sounds under the moonlight were feet on the pavement and our huffing & puffing from being so out of breath. The whole time up the hill, each of the 2 guys kept looking back to see if I was still there until I tripped & fell at the top, thanks to a huge crack in the poorly paved asphalt (and I was getting pretty tired). After I got up, they were running between two buildings farther up and I followed until I hit the street. Couldn't see them anywhere and, under the lights, I noticed how cut-up and bloody my hands and knee were (my palms are a mess) so the chase was abandoned...and I was in my underwear.

In younger days, I could run 1 mile in less than 6 minutes. Not anymore...What happened? The bad guys got away and my girlfriend thinks I'm nuts. However, despite the injuries, I believe my actions were justified. Stay off the roof!
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Great stories, guys! Keep 'em coming!
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Miss bubbles
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My school is running a history trip to Europe net year and i cant go
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Jeremiah Jones
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Chapter 1. Rome to Cork in a heartbeat

I'm rather surprised I never posted on this thread before...
When I was 19 my mom got married in Rome to a man now known as my evil ex stepdad, but thats another story entirely. While eating dinner the night before we were due to fly back home to Ireland I announced I wouldn't be getting the flight and instead I'd meet them at home in 5 days.

Next morning I set out, got a train to Venice via Florence, chatting up a lovely Australian girl to the amusement of her grandmother and most of the elderly carriage occupants, she got off in Florence though. In venice, in between saying 'Ah, Venice' over and over again, I found a hostel, got into a lively discussion with a couple of Brits while sharing their wine until one of them decided to lead the way to Piazzo de San Marco where we enjoyed a crazily large fireworks display to mark the end of the Plague of Rats. I was slightly tipsy so needless to say the journey to San Marco was not entirely etched in my brain... at about 11 o clock I suddenly recalled a sign hanging behind the reception desk at the hostel, warning it closed at 11.45. With no idea how to get back, and the whole of Venice to traverse I sprung into action, fedora on head, running, down a hundred picturseque alleys, over and back a dozen bridges, the fireworks punctuating the echo of my footsteps like a cannonade, each blast punching my shadow into high relief over a burst of colour. Blasting my shadow midway up a wall ahead of me, shad6w-fedora on my shadow's head as I jumped over another bridge... what a way to see Venice.

I made it back right on time, only to find opening hours had been extended due to the fireworks.

Next day I got a train to Innsbruck and from there to Feldkirch on the Austrian Leichtensteinian border, found a ridiculously stereotypically Germanic Hostel and slept in a room with a floor carpeted with Matresses, each with its own snoozing German. Next morning I arose early, accidently broke the towel winding machine in the bathroom so that it wound its way into infinitey, got dressed and made a hasty exit, right into a courtyard full of singing Laderhousen clad Children. Caught a bus for Leichtenstien where, in a bid to see some snow; I realised, halfway up a mountain, that I was going to miss my bus. So I ran. Taking the most direct path, avoiding the snaking roads that made mountain climbing easy, I cut down the middle.

Halfway down I came to a cliff, considered climbing it, thought better off it, turned, slipped and fell, sliding at a hectic rate on my behind, trying to stop myself from going over the edge, frantically grasping with my fingers, it didn't work. And there I was, suspended for an eternity, in mid air, certain of death...

I didn't die though. I caught my right leg on a spike of rock, cutting myself badly and sending me into a crazed spiral, impacting on the road below, rolling. My fedora went one way, my bags another, I scrabled it all to myself like some frantic spider and sat shaking on the road side. A car pulled up, the window rolled down, the man said 'Bitte Shcon?' I stammered 'I alright' about 5 times, and he drove off.

I washed my leg in a mountain stream, stumbled back into town and headed for Zurich to convalesce, scaring what could only have been a swiss supermodel with my babbling as the train whooshed past Lake Zurich.

A day in Zurich saw my leg numb to all, but me in fantastic spirits, I was ALIVE!! A train via Baden Baden to Paris where I called in on all the locations from the film Amelie, a night in a terrible mouse infested hotel (caught one on camera) and a ferry home saw an over excitable Jeremiah trying in vain to calm himself down.

It was only the beginning

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