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otto rahn
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Originally Posted by Violet Indy
"Angkor" is out? Oh crap, I'm missing one! When I hand in that darn essay, I'm buying the new one. I believe you need "Silenus" and "Rameses Regalia" to complete your collection.
Yes those were the two titles I saw mentioned in the back of "Angkor". I couldn't see them at the large bookshops in Sydney today, but i'll look again next time i'm in (tomorrow night), maybe try another shop.
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Originally Posted by Violet Indy
Max Allan Collins wrote "The Mummy" adaption and did a great job and have ever since tried to get a copy (I borrowed it from a school library).

I thought he was excellent for it too: added much more details and cool scenes and junk like that. I first read it at a library, and years later I finally bought a fairly-good-condition copy at the used section of my local Barnes and Nobles store. Now I'm trying to somehow get a good-condition, non-ripped-up or pages-falling-out copy of the Mummy Returns novelization too (which I also enjoyed reading, although it takes on a much cheesier and sarcastic tone from the first book).

My main choices for the Kingdom novelization are still: Clive Cussler, J.K. Rowling (I can wonder can't I? She has the good sense of humor and narrative inventiveness that an Indy novel needs [please, ClintonHammond, don't start on this now]) or...I'll think about it...
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