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Which Indy novels do you have?

I only really have a small collection of Indy novels so far because I mainly have looked in Used Bookstores to find them. So far I have three.

Philosophers Stone
Dinosaurs Eggs
Unicorns Legacy

Been lucky enough to find the Philosophers stone novel at a one day convention a long time ago...and found Dinosaur Eggs and Unicorns Legacy at the same bookstore.

I don't buy collectible stuff online mostly because I enjoy the thrill of the hunt in places like used bookstores to try to find things like this.

So what Indy novels do you all have?
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I have all the English adult and young adult novels. I only have one of the French young adult and three of the German adult novels.

If we include novelizations, then again I have all of the English, but only one of the Japanese and none of the German.
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I have all the Indy English adult novels including the more recent Army of the Dead. I also have all the adult novelizations except Skull (I did have it and it got lost in move a couple of years ago, so looking to reacquire it soon). I have all the new junior novelizations as well.
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Old 07-11-2016, 01:27 AM   #4
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Visited the used bookstore again, and picked up:

Temple of Doom Novelization
Peril at Delphi
Seven Veils

That brings my total of the spin off novels to 5 and 6 total.
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Old 08-10-2016, 05:08 AM   #5
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I had a whole bunch, but sadly I lost them in the move, so now I only have the movie novelizations.
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I have most of the Young Indy books (I think I'm only missing a couple) and all of the film novelizations. I also have the MacGregor, Caiden and McCoy books as well.

Oh, and Army of the Dead. For some reason I always forget about that one.
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All of them. The adult novels and five young Indy novels and actually two others based on the Chronicles series.
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