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Coins in Movies

One of my interests is in old coins, including coins which make appearances in films.

I posted some which appeared in "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" in 2009 at
and "Young Indiana's Coin Collection" starting in 2010 at

There are some more in another familiar film:

Spanish Silver "Piece of Eight" or 8 Reale attached to Crystal Skull:

These 16th to 18th century coins were made by the millions in Spanish America.
They were beloved by pirates everywhere.

Spanish Gold Doubloons also appear in the film.

More details on my website at:

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Well done WilliamBoyd8!
Loved your website. Numismatic is pretty cool.
Archaeologists love to find coins in sites, it helps with the dating.
Do you have the greatest adventures book? There are some pictures of coins in the book.
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