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Dust McAlan
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Emperor's Tomb available on

Did a quick check to see if anyone had posted this, so here you go.

I've been playing this build, and the technology works fantastic with modern computers. I have the original game on disc, and while that version is playable, cutscenes would play with audio only and no visual, and the graphics were really gritty and jaggy. This version, while clearly still a game from 2003, now looks like a really beautiful game from 2003, all cutscenes load, and is a blast to play.

As for the story....ehhhh....that's for a different thread, no doubt. But the game works, and works solidly!
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Indeed! I downloaded this today and I've been playing all day. I just finished the Prague sections. My, what a giant place!

I used to own the PS2 version, so the PC comparison is something pretty interesting.

1) As you might expect from a PC game, you can enhance the resolution. I always forget how pixelated and blurry the PS2/Gamecube era was. I don't have problem with it, but I do like the fact that I can see everything more clearly. It doesn't have 16:9 aspect ratio with 1080p, but hey! Any enhancement is a bonus in my book.

2) The load times are sooo much better! Dying in the PS2 version meant a good minute of waiting for the level to re-load. And this game was hard for me! And so it used to be hard on my patience! I like that the load time for the PC is nearly nonexistent now. Very fast, very fluid.

3) The controller only half works. I had to use a key mapper to fix the controls. Unfortunately, because key mappers use the keyboard controls for mapping, I lost complete 360 movement in the left analog stick. It's no biggie. I got used to it after a while. I just have to be extra careful with my platforming. Also, I now had to assign a "Walk" button. For some reason, I just think that's funny.

Anywho, Emperor's Tomb is no Infernal Machine (my favourite 3D Indy game), but it's still a nice deal for $5.99! I'm happy I bought it.
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