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Question Anyone up for an older Indiana/Mutt/Mutt's Wife Round Robin? Just thought I'd start 1

Okay, totally new to the forum but I had an idea that wouldn't let go last night and just had to write it down
While pondering what Indy's grandkids might have been like, I jotted down a little interchange between him and his seven year old grandaughter- Marion Anna (named after her grandma and great-grandmother of course ) and I thought it might be fun to turn it into a round-robin tale on the forum. Now all I did was start the story of how Mutt met Marion's mother. It's up to you guys and gals to keep it rolling and I'll add to it as I can.

Things to keep in mind though- I figured I'd start this out set in 1980 but it can move back and forth through time as Indiana and maybe even Mutt tell the story. Thinking that maybe Mutt met his wife to be in 1968 because it would work with the time line. Other than that ... Have fun continuing with this and I'm up for just about anywhere you want to take the story. From Marshall College, To Mexico (since Marion and her older brothers are of Mayan lineage) to wherever in the world you want to run ... Have fun

Marion Anna stared at him over her chess pieces. Her clear bright blue eyes surveying each piece with glances more like a seasoned pro, than a seven-year-old prodigy. The other two grandchildren, Henry Jones IV (a.k.a: Mutt) and Carlos were hopeless, caring more to spend their time in the video game arcade, than with their grandfather. But little Marion still held potential and that was why she was Indy’s favorite grandchild. That and the fact that she greatly resembled her two namesakes, who also happened to be two of his favorite women.
With a lift of a jet-black brow and a slight curve of a mischievous grin, little Marion made her final move. “Check mate, Grandpa,” she said with a little giggle. “Now that I won, will you tell me one of your stories?”
Indiana scratched his chin. “Hmm, now what should I tell you? I already told you about how your great-grandfather and I fought the Germans. And I told you about the first time I met your grandmother in College, even how I learned your father was my son, while I was sinking in sand …” He flashed her a sly grin. “You even learned how I traveled the world with my parents when I was your age.”
Marion nodded and then let out a small sigh, “Wish I could go ‘round the world. Farthest I’ve ever been is to Mexico to visit my Abuelo and Abuela. But I really want to see everything and everywhere like you have, Grandpa.”
The thought then occurred to Indy that he’d never told Marion about how her parents met, and that would help her to learn more about her Mayan heritage. He doubted the child even knew that her mother was a direct descendent of a Mayan Princess. “I think I know just the story to tell you.” He grabbed his cane, rose to his feet as quickly as his eighty-year-old bones would allow him, and grabbed a weathered photo album from his bookshelf. “Do you know what I’m holding?”
“Of course, that’s Mommy and Daddy’s wedding album. Why did you pick that up?”
He smiled and set the album down upon the chessboard. “Did your parents ever tell you how they met?”
The child shook her head. “No.”
“Then come sit with Gramps on the sofa and I’ll tell you the story.”
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I confess that the whole story bit isn't quite my thing, but...Parma, Ohio? Small world...same here.
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