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Originally Posted by Raiders112390
I'll be honest and say TLJ (and the idea of the subsequent milking of the franchise every single year) has actually totally killed all interest I had in Star Wars. Not even going forward. I don't even bother watching the old movies anymore. Like, I feel almost...just turned off to them. And no, it wasn't simply because of any "SJW" stuff but...just you had three great films, three average to subpar films...And then three empty hollow vessels...It's just...I can't even really explain it. My interest at this point, I'm so fatigued and down because of all the nonsense that you couldn't even pay me to watch the original, un-messed with versions in HD.
I'm mostly with you here. I actually had a moment riding Hyperspace Mountain at Hong Kong Disneyland though which made me realize I still love the original trilogy and nothing will ever change that. The ride is themed during the original trilogy setting (even though it says you're fighting above Jakku, I wonder if the ISD you see is supposed to be the one Re\y is scavenging 20 years later). You get the standard original trilogy sound effects, images, and Ackbar giving you your orders and it still hits that little kid spot inside of me. Ackbar saying "May the force be with you" is still meaningful, even after all the crap that's come since the 80's.

That said, I think Star Wars Rebels and Rogue One still envelop that feeling and universe in a way nothing else since the original trilogy has (caveat, I still haven't finished watching Clone Wars but its good so far) on screen. The other 5 movies though are largely worthless and I likely won't see Solo in the theaters and probably not Episode XI.
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Originally Posted by Moedred
Ford's face pasted into the trailer.

It's not brilliantly done but it does kind of highlight how weird that trailer is: no trailer for a film starring Harrison Ford as the titular character would have him lurking in the back of shot and barely speaking like that!
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