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I just back from our local Electronics Botique, where I saw the PS2 package for Emperor's Tomb, and took a look at the strategy guide. The game I think is in one word IMPRESSIVE! I kind had a few doubts about it at first. But the game looks in NO way to be disappointing. The game is not full of as many supernatural bosses as I thought. I fact in the first 5 levels or so, all you take on are nazis and the Black Dragon Triad. The supernatural bosses are saved more toward the end.
Everything about the game looks good. The graphics, environments, and weapons look very good. The action also looks to be promising, and the puzzles also look intriguing, although I doubt FOA fans will enjoy them much. But in my opinon this looks it will be the BEST Indy game made yet! But I guess will really find out when the time comes.
I also use to think Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness was going to better, but at the store, I found myself looking more at Emperor's Tomb info than Tomb Raider. So Indy may rightfully beat out the Tomb Raider compeition this time.
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