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New Kid on the Block: My ongoing collection of Gear and Props

Hey, guys. Name's Colt. Long time reader, first-time poster. Nice to be here
Having been a long-time fan of the franchise and seeing all the wonderful outfits you guys have assembled, I thought it was time to finally start my own collection of Indy gear, and I'm glad to say that over the last 12 months or so, I think I have put together a pretty decent collection of garb.

Of course, it's a constant work in progress, and I do plan to improve as I get more money for these kinds of things, but for a 'budget Indy', hopefully, this isn't too bad. As far as design, I went for kind of a hybrid between Raiders and Crystal Skull (a movie I actually don't hate lol)

Here's what I got so far. Apologies in advance if my pictures are less than perfect

FEDORA: Akubra Adventurer
JACKET: Todd's Costumes
SHIRT: Close enough
PANTS: Original wool WWII 'Pinks'
WHIP: 8 ft, 12 plait cowhide whip I found on Amazon
BAG: Original MKVII
BELTS: eBay (web), custom (gun belt)
HOLSTER: Homemade
BOOTS: Half boots from Payless

And if you will, allow me to share some of the details on said gear

FEDORA: For the sake of cost, I went with an Akubra. Added the Raiders Turn I replaced the original brown ribbon with a black grosgrain ribbon. learning how to make and attach a ribbon and bow was quite the adventure in itself. (Still not sure if I should have bought a Federation, or is there is even much of a difference)). Currently saving up for a Penman.

JACKET: Todd's (Coyle's) Lambskin jacket. Before this, I had a cotton Wested dyed darker shade of brown, and that was okay for a while (especially down here in San Diego), but I thought if I'm gonna do Indy justice, gotta go with a hide.

I chose a Todd's for two reasons; thickness and cost. And as far as I can tell it seems both thinner (therefore cooler) and cheaper than a Wested would have been. Got a medium used on ebay for $150, was worried it may be too small since I hear Todds can run a bit undersized.
Got it yesterday, and it fit like a freaking glove. I'm genuinely impressed with the quality so far. Some people have called this jacket flimsy and cheap, but if you ask me this is the best jacket I have ever owned hands down (and at that price it had better be lol). Gave it a hot shower, and rolled up the sleeves to start those oh-so important wrinkles.

(P.S. if you guys know any good weathering techniques, let me know)

SHIRT: St John's Bay short sleeve button down. Not even close to SA, but it was the closest I could find at a department store.At least you can't see the sleeve length when the jacket is on, but I know. And it bugs me as a perfectionist XD

PANTS: Original Pinks. Found a pair on the 'Bay for $50 and figured that was better than paying Wested $90 plus shipping for theirs. Color seems right, and I love the weight they have, just need to take them to the tailor and have them re-hem them a bit. I'm thinking I need about 2 more inches on the length to get that nice baggy cuff look

WHIP: Random 8 foot 12 plait whip I found on Amazon. Looks the part close enough, though the leather seems pretty cheap. But it has been a good whip to learn with. Been using youtube tutorials to learn a few cracks, and I like it quite a lot. Good workout, makes loud noises, and sure turns a lot of heads lol


BAG: Original MKVII I got from Magnoli on ebay. I carefully cut the interior divider out and ran it through the washing machine with some tide to get rid of that musty smell. Now I'm sure that made a lot of you guys scream "WHAT?!" at your screen, and it was certainly a risk, but I had some faith the bag would survive and it did. Faded a little bit, too, which I like. The only thing that sucks is that the right hand side strap that connects the O-ring to the bag has got some dry rot going on, so it's only a matter of time before it breaks. I plan to repair it in due time. Will post later about bag contents. I filled it full of props

HOLSTER: Custom made from painted 1mm foam sheet made to look like leather using a technique I found on youtube. Found patterns online. Still looking for a suitable gun, so I stuffed it with newsprint in the meantime for a more 'full' look.

BELTS: Brown cotton web from Ebay. Looking right now for a genuine WWII belt with a solid brass buckle. Gunbelt assembled from strap and buckles I found from Tandy online.

BOOTS: $20 half boots I found at payless and dyed a darker shade of brown. They're nice shoes, and comfy to boot, but I hate how far they are from Aldens. They do in a pinch but I'm always looking for the real thing, and I hope one day I can find a genuine pair for under $300. A guy can dream. Maybe Wested's new boots will be the answer to my problem.

And like I said, it's all a work in progress. Soon I plan to get some WPG shirts,make my own Grail, I even have the great lantzn over on COW working on some straps for a KOTCS backpack Thinking of getting a mannequin online to display my gear properly when not in use.

This is all pretty new to me, as I've never put this level of detail into a costume before or dedicated so much time to finding accurate replicas, but it's been a hell of a good time doing it, and it's all thanks to you guys and your hard work and information. Looking forward to hearing you guy's feedback and keeping you posted.

P.P.S, prop collection pics coming soon.

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Looks tremendous my friend, and WAY better than my first attempt.

And I have to say, extra points should go your way, not only for the amount of thought and effort you`re clearly putting into this, but also for for the detailed description you`ve provided.

Well done, first class.

Keep up the great work.
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Major West
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Welcome! A great collection. Thanks for the breakdown of gear.
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Originally Posted by Major West
Welcome! A great collection. Thanks for the breakdown of gear.

The pleasure is mine, Sir. Thank you : )
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Originally Posted by Major West
Welcome! A great collection. Thanks for the breakdown of gear.

Of course. I'm as much of a gearhead as any one of you guys in the way that I love info. The more details, the better lol
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