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Probe waiting for the Indy hat :)

Hi all,

After the numerous advice I read over here, I finally ordered the Federation IV from Akruba. So this is going to be my first hat ever actually. I like the style of it and trying out a similar hat, my wife told me it suited me well but I have to say that I don't know how I'll feel wearing it in public !! We agreed that this is not really conventional here

There may be many people wearing hats in the USA but in France, most of them are old people ! Today you mostly see baseball caps. We always picture southern US states people to wear hats but not really a parisian

But then i guess i'll start by wearing it during travels, on holidays, or weekend out of town maybe.

Has anyone been in my situation ?
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If you care what other people are going to think, you have already lost.

Is there any rational objection to the apparel? No. (Unlike, say, carrying a whip in public.)

Wear it! Enjoy it! Be different!
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Henry W Jones
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I gotta agree with Tash. If you are gonna spend money on the hat you might as well wear it and get enjoyment out of it. I would sport that hat proudly and as long as you don't wear a whip and a shoulder bag no one will probably think about it being a "Indiana Jones" hat. You'll just be that guy cool enough to sport his fedora around town!
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In my experience, you don't need anything but the hat to be called "Indy". If you have a proper fedora, you don't need any other piece of gear....the hat says it all.
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